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Unfortunate Murder of a social activist and collusion of Police and accused (Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh)

The Peoples’ Vigilance Committee on Human rights (PVCHR) has learned that police and government officials have refused to look seriously into a case of murder of social worker in a Jaulan village by Son of corrupt panchayat head. Reliable reports claim that corrupt panchayat head has been bribing police officials to maintain the rule of lord.
The shocking murder of Mr Lalla Singh, father of Sanjay Singh of Paramarth Samaj Sewi Sansthan in Jalaun, PS Madhogarh, Village Mirzapur on 12th September is really unfortunate. What is more unfortunate and shocking is the collusion of local police administration with the criminals and their families. Mr Lalla Singh was a committed social worker and Registered Medical Practitioner. He rendered decades of social service in his village and the surrounding areas. Paramarth headed by his son Sanjay Singh, an icon for social activism in Bundelkahnd has rendered decades of social service in Jalaun particular and Bundelkhand in general.

Case detail:

A case has been registered (Case number 497, under IPC 302) in Madhigarh Police station against the accused – Vipin who belongs to the same village – Mirzapur. After the murder, Vipin escaped along with his gun for the whole night. And the following day, i.e., 13th September, Vipin murdered Mr Kapoor Singh and Vaishanvi at 6 am in morning in the same village. He also injured Jaswant Singh with a gunshot.

As reported in the news papers the murderer - Vipin and his father had very good relationship with CO of the area and were found in the police station at Madhogarh having a conversation with CO Arun Sirohi, and Station in charge Mr Manish Jat PS, Madhogarh. In the same evening at around 5.30 pm, Vipin murdered Sanjay’s father. After the murder Vipin immediately called CO Mr Arun Sirohi. If his mobile records are inquired properly, it would be revealed the conspiracy behind the murder.

At night on 12th September when Sanjay and his family along with other village members went to file FIR, the CO and Station in charge did not attend to them. After brutal murder of Mr. Lalla Singh the murder remained in the same village and despite repeated requests of the villager Police did not arrested him rather it repeatedly denied presence of the accused in the village. The murder killed two more persons of the village about 6.00 AM on 13th September [almost after 13 hours after killing of Mr. Lalla Singh] and then in the presence of Police the murder opened fire. Almost after 15 hours of the murder of Mr. Lalla Singh the murder dramatically surrendered and finally arrested by the Police.

Police has been colluding with the family of murderer to weaken the case in every way. The family of the murderer has been terrorizing Sanjay’s family to drop the case against him. The father of the murderer is the Gram Pradhan and upcoming Panchayat elections seem to be the prime reason behind the murders. Mr Lalla Singh had supported murderer’s father to win the gram pradhan elections.

Police is claiming the Mr Vipin who murdered Sanjay’s father is mad but the question is why his father gave his licensed rifle to his son if he was mad?

Threat and intimidation is not to be taken lightly in Uttar Pradesh. It is one of those states in India where people are abducted and children kidnapped for settling private and political feuds. In some cases the abducted victims are tortured or even murdered if the demands of the criminals are not met. As far as the Parmarth is concerned, it is an apolitical local human rights organisation with limited resources, but with a large work group, including staff and volunteers.

We demand the following:

Ø Sanjay and his family should be given immediate police protection.
Ø Detailed inquiry should be made regarding the collusion of police and the murderer and his family
Ø Detailed inquiry of the murder and justice should be given to Sanjay’s family
Ø Immediate end of the acts of terrorizing of Sanjay’s family
Ø Filing of FIR and immediate arrest and of the people including the family members of the murderer who have been terrorizing the Sanjay’s family


1. Chief Secretary
Government of Uttar Pradesh
Shri Lal Bhadur Shastri Bhavan
Lucknow 226001, Uttar Pradesh
Fax: +91 52 2223 9283

2. Director General of Police
1-Tilak Marg, Lucknow
Uttar Pradesh
Fax: + 91 522 220 6120 / 220 6174

3. Chief Minister
Government of Uttar Pradesh
Chief Minister's Secretariat
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Fax: + 91 52 2223 0002 / 2223 9234

4. Inspector General of Police
Varanasi Zone
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

5. Senior Superintendent of Police
Varanasi, SSP Office
Kachahari, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

6. Mrs Margaret Sekaggya
Special Representative of the Secretary General for human rights defenders
Att: Ben Majekodunmi
Room 1-040
C/o OHCHR-UNOG, 1211 Geneva 10,
Tel: + 41 22 917 93 88
Fax: + 41 22 917 9006

Thank you.

Urgent Appeals Programme

Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)

Report by--

Dr. Lenin
Ashoka Fellow
2007 Gwanju Human Rights Awardee

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