Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hon’ble Prime Minister & Chief Ministers,

Naxalites or Maoists (One would not know what is the difference between them) appear to have driven home the point that there is widespread hatred and mistrust about the politicians and government officials amongst the people, particularly those belonging to the lower income group.

In view of such widespread corruption amongst politicians and government officials at various levels, people in different walks of life are being subjected to injustice and harassment , causing a feeling of helplessness and frustration amongst them. The government’s welfare schemes are not being implemented at optimum standards and exploitation of the weak and downtrodden are becoming too frequent particularly in small towns and rural areas in the country.

The whole nation recognizes that the corrupt politicians and corrupt government officials at all levels are the prime cause for all the social problems and inequalities in the country. Otherwise, the atrocities committed by these so called Maoist revolutionaries would have generated widespread condemnation and revulsion in the country.

The Prime Minister & the Chief Ministers should see the ground realities and the writing on the wall and echo the mood of the people by strongly condemning the corrupt politicians and officials and taking rigorous steps to identify them at all levels and suspend them from the government immediately. A fast track court should be set up in all the states in the country exclusively to hear the cases and punish the guilty without delay and in transparent manner. Considering the urgency, it should not take beyond one month to take these meaningful and reformist steps.

We appeal to the Hon'ble Prime Minister & Chief Ministers to do so immediately , so that the confidence of the people in the political system and government would be restored and the Maoists would be isolated, preventing them from providing the spark to ignite social unrest.


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