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Bastar Range: youngest I.P.S officers take this range towards road to peace (From the perspective of the poor [Nange Paon] people)

Peace leads to Human Rights; Vishwaranjan recovers the lost Human Rights of the poor.

The peaceful jungles of Bastar were turned disturbed and made full of horror by almost all the departments of the government, since 1980. The nefarious acts of different government departments resulted in to Naxalism. It was not only the police department, which should be exclusively held responsible. But now it is only the police department which had to handle the situation, rest of the departments still keep them aloof from the process of peace – building in the region.

Poor: worst victim in adversities

In any calamity or adversity, the poor are the worst victims of such situations. This happened to poor of Bastar also. They were vulnerable to both the forces; the police and the rebels (naxals) and were victimized by both. In the long run, they lost their faith on both. Loosing faith in police meant “no faith in government at all”. Naxalites did not offer long – term solutions to their problems. Presumption of the poor was “that the naxalites are their protectors” but brutal beating and murder of tribal en-masse by these people compelled them to rethink and change their assumptions.

Team of Young I.P.S. Officers now improves it

In Bastar range, we have youngest I.G., D.I.G & Superintendents of Police. But these young people have formed a reliable network and ensured their reach to every nook and corner of the range. They are improving the situation day by day; gradually these young people seem to bring peace against all the odds faced by them. Of five districts in the range, S.P.s has to face variety of problems.

Sri K.P.S. Gill said in one of his interviews that “Operation Green Hunt” is going to be a failure, but looking to zeal & commitment of young police officers in Bastar range, it appears that they can handle even biggest of biggest ever operation.

If we gloss at recent encounters and police action, we will find that:

· Only armed and uniformed naxals fell prey to police bullets in different encounters.

· No civilian has been harassed & detained by the police – administration.

· Widely condemned draconian law C.S.P.S.Act 2005 has not at all been misused by the police in the range.

· There is no local dissent against the police.

· All the young S.P.s have opened their chambers for the common people, earlier S.P.s chamber was a distant dream for the poor of the area. The poor of the area were afraid in entering even the police stations. Patient listening and immediate grievance –redressal practice of these young S.Ps has helped them in winning confidence of the poor in the area. By initiating this practice, Young S.Ps have ensured connectivity of the poor of the area with the government.

· Now, the public starts coming to police stations to report if there is presence of naxalites in their respective villages. The Mukuttong experience is the recent example. The villagers themselves went to report against their displacement by the naxalites in police station – Konta. Mukuttong falls in Dantewada district.

· In villages, the situation is calm and quiet, but many persons keep spreading misconceptions about the “Operation Green Hunt”.

D.G.P. Vishwaranjan succeeds in; convincing the people about the violence perpetuated by the naxals & demystifying the preconceived notions about Mao T’se Tung:

Sri Vishwaranjan who heads the police in the state is “combination of contradictions”. He is known for his inspirational writings also. His interest in culture and literature distinct him from his fellow compeers in Indian Police Service. His historical “Burkley presentation” (27/09/2008) easily convinces the audience about naxal – violence in Bastar Range. His deep knowledge about different facets of “Communism” and the way of his presentation indoctrinates the audience with “anti – Maoist” thoughts. He is known to every nook and corner of the Bastar range, as he was S.P. of Bastar during his youth hood.

As the police head of the state, he keeps boosting up courage of sub – ordinates, but on the contrary he warns also for not touching the civilians and innocent villagers. He seeks to bring peace in the region through peaceful means only because he is known to the & is familiar with the region since 30 years. The 30 year old emotional tie of Sri Vishwaranjan with the range is an important peace – building factor in the region.

Last but not the least, in depth knowledge of Sri Vishwaranjan about Mao T’se Tung inspires not only the S.P.Os but also the intelligentsia to keep aloof from Maoist theories of war and only war.

Report by-
Rajesh Singh Sisodia
Nange Paon Satyagraha, Vivekanand Nagar, M.G.Road – Ambikapur (C.G.)

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  1. Kudos to Police!!
    Well,In documentaries only one part is discussed but this articles explores otherside of coin too.Especially changed attitude of Police towards civilians should be praised as loud as possible because solution lies in digging out the root of Naxalism i.e Poverty and Neglection of masses.
    Thank u Nange Paon Satyagrah for sharing your views.

    Dipendra Pratap Singh
    3/2,Old Rajendra Nagar,New Delhi-60


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