Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Getting a fake FIR instead of information under RTI, (Bihar state RTI reality)

Bihar, India

I am activist by nature and when found malpractices in issuing Kisan Credit Card from Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank, Arai, filed an RTI application seeking related informations.

My application was rejected by PIO with a comment that informations are of confidential nature and may cause some business competitions.

Anyway, I escalated the corrupt activities of Branch Manager to higher level officers. First of all he started to say that he will lodge an FIR against complainant.

Without fear, I was escalating the issue and also informed near about all police officers about his threatening with no result. On 05/10/2009 Branch Manager lodged an FIR to Daudnagar Police Station under section 34, 323, 341, 379 and 504 FIR NO. 217/2009 (Ps Daudnagar, Dist. Aurangabad, Bihar) and also accused two other complainant Santosh Kumar and Sriram Mouar. On 28/10/2009 Station In charge imposed 107 again. It is mark able that Branch Manager Mr. Ram Dinesh Singh's residential house is just near to Daudnagar Police Station and I think between Officer In charge, Daudnagar PS and Branch Manager is a mutual understanding to help each other in malpractices. It's amazing that a most corrupt bank official is also getting support for his corrupt activities from local police officers.

For Detail PDF file please click Complaints by Rajnish

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