Thursday, November 26, 2009

Legal Notices served to PMO & Union Govt. for transparent selection of Chief CIC

Delhi, India

The movement for transparency and accountability belongs to us all – not only to Anna Hazare, Aamir Khan & Baba Ramdev. Let nobody use their brand-image to enthrone celebrity-activists like Kiran Bedi or Shekhar Singh. Instead, let us empower the common people and street-level activists to make government answerable. No more stopgap arrangements, no more arbitrary and hush-hush selections of Central or State Information Commissioners… Enough is enough! Together, give a big push for genuine Swaraj and nothing less.


1) We served LEGAL NOTICE today on Prime Minister’s Office, Law Ministry and DoPT for mandatory disclosure of procedures and norms of selection of Central Information Commissioners under Sec. 4 of RTI Act. Read Notice here:

2) G R Vora and Mohd Afzal wrote LETTERS TO PMO, DOPT & LAW MINISTRY yesterday. Copeis were endorsed to Mrs Sonia Gandhi & L K Advani, Leaders of UPA & Opposition in the Lok Sabha, and to Rahul Gandhi, General Secy, Congress Party. Read draft of letter here:

3) Today, G R Vora wrote a separate LETTER TO ARUN JAITLEY, Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha. Read draft of letter here:

This letter was dispatched by courier, and also faxed to Mr Jaitley on 011 2923 2358. Receipt was confirmed on his landline number 011 2923 7483.


A. To maintain public pressure for transparent CIC selections, we urge you and your friends to SEND THE ABOVE LETTERS ON YOUR OWN LETTERHEAD by post or by fax. (All necessary postal addresses are included in the letters.)

B. Suitably modify the draft legal notice and SERVE LEGAL NOTICE TO YOUR OWN STATE GOVERNMENT. (If it can be improved in any way, please email us your improved draft.)

Getting transparent & open selection of all CICs and SICs in future is the key to proper implementation of our sacred Right to Information. Let us say in one voice to all those who rule in our name: TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY – WE WILL SETTLE FOR NOTHING LESS.


Krishnaraj Rao

RTI Activist

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