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Open Letter to Media through Ground Report India by Jagdish Tytler, Former Union Minister, Government of India

I want to express my feelings through Ground Report India. I am happy that someone realize how a few people are using media to spread rumours and gain publicity and popularity of the news channel or news paper. Sometimes they do some inhuman act that can cause lot of pain to someone.

I have been a victim of political opponents and specially media. I have always wanted to ask the media if they are getting popularity and higher TRP by destroying someone’s social, political and family life; does that worth the news? Does this mean popularity and TRP is much more important then a human being?

Many news papers, TV news channels and websites have written many things against me. I want to provide all the proofs that will defy what has been written about me till date. I would also like to request Ground India and other authorities of Internet to ask proofs from people who has written rumours about me.

First of all, I would like to talk about my last lok sabha election candidature ship. Many TV news channels, news papers and websites have published that I was dropped by congress because of shoe throwing incident. But the fact is that, I have myself stepped down because I didn’t want to embarrass my party. Akalis, BJP and other political opponents took this as opportunity to speak ill about Congress. Being a loyal Congressman for years, how can I stand those allegations to my party. Therefore, to avoid my party’s embarrassment, I decided to step down. You can see the proof of it below:

Congress spokesperson’s voice is the party’s voice and therefore, I would like to request the concerned authorities to send notice to all the internet websites to correct their articles accordingly.

Moreover, I was NRI minister when the opposition started targeting Congress making me the scapegoat. I could not stand the irresponsible words against my party and the party president. I immediately resigned
from the ministry.

If I can resigned as a minister why can’t I step down from my candidature. I did the same thing after the opposition started targeting my party by putting me responsible in false allegation.

You can see what I said in the parliament before resigning:
You can also see what I wrote to Smt. Sonia Gandhi about this issue:

Secondly, media is also spreading all sorts of wrong and misleading information via internet, TV and news paper that there are many witnesses against me and numerous cases against me. The fact is that not a single FIR has been lodged against me. More then 10 enquiry commissions (during both congress and BJP times) cleared me saying there is no evidence against me. In the last enquiry commission, two so-called witnesses were investigated viz.
1. Sardar Surinder Singh
2. Jasbir Singh

Sardar Surinder Singh said that he did not saw me in place of riot in front of the Justice Nanavati commission.

You can see his affidavit:
Surinder Singh Wrote to the CBI too:
Surinder Singh wrote to the Prime Minister:
You can also see his last video interview:

Regarding the other so-called witness Jasbir Singh, he was proved a liar. He said that he saw me in front of a TB hospital agitating a mob. The home ministry confirms that on that day curfew with shoot at sight was ordered throughout Delhi. It was not possible for anyone to go out on that day, let alone gathering a large group of people. Question raised how did he come out of house himself when the curfew and shoot at sight order was maintained?
You can see the ministry of home affairs order copy:

He said during those days he was staying at Sardar Sucha Singh’s residence. But Sardar Sucha Singh refused any connection with him.

You can see Sardar Sucha Singh’s affidavit:

At the end, the Justice G.T. Nanavati himself said that there is no strong evidence against me. You can see the TV interview of Justice Nanavati:

Moreover, later on it was found that Jasbir Singh is a criminal who has serious charges against him of attempt to murder. He fled from India to escape from the law. J
You can see the complete TV reports on him:

Despite of all the proofs and facts, I have one final proof that I was not in the place of riot but I was with Late Indira Gandhi’s dead body the whole day. It was covered by Doordarshan TV channel. I have produced all the 6 DVDs to the court.

I have all the proofs that say that I am nowhere involved in the heinous crime of Sikh riots. Political opponents along with media have done lot of damage to my political, social and family life.

Defamatory contents on internet and false publicity of the concocted stories against me is giving lot of pain to my family. Even long after my dead, my coming generations will be haunted by these defamatory, false and abusive articles. I request the authorities to kindly take preventive measures to remove all the baseless contents from the internet. One should not be allowed to post articles on the internet without any proof.

I am still fighting because if I don’t bounce back it will be a defeat of truth and humanity. I request everyone to join me in the process to remove all the irresponsible articles on me or anyone else.


Letter by-

Jagish Tytler
Former Union Minister, Government of India

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