Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Parvati died, after bereaved her sons and daughter; who will answer the forcible eviction of Bellilious Park and its affects on inhabitants

West Bengal, India

17th November 2009 at about 00.30 a full circle of human despair has been completed with the death of Ms. EM Parvati aged about 45 years and wife of Late EM Ganesh. Parvati was another name in countless aggrieved of apathy of state deliverance and mindless development policy of the State, having nexus with eccentric ‘environmentalist’; for whom human lives of poor is most cheaper thing in this earth, land grabbers and real estate barons, and resulting eviction and displacement of human beings from their lands, residence and surrounding.

Bellilious Park of Howrah, a name always haunted civil society for inhumane eviction of thousands of socio- economic marginalized families from their century old inhibition to sub humane condition of living under judicial and administrative orders in 2003.

Parvati was one of them, a Dalit woman engaged with manual scavenging and living at the said place for couple of generation. While Bellilious Park eviction took place and she became homeless with many alike, she bereaved with the deaths of her two sons, one daughter and husband. Though medical vocabulary would describe the reasons of their deaths as anything but not truth, her sons Shiva and Gaddama (8 months) and Lakshmi, her daughter, were died due to the ultimate shame for mankind; called hunger.

Parvati had the courage, that’s why, she was still alive after these grieves and human sorrow and resettled her at Belgachhia Bhagar (Dumping Ground for Solid Waste), always fought for legitimate demands of the evictees; as and when, MASUM organized those protests and grievances before the duty bearers as well as other components of society. While the then UN Special Rapporteure on Food, Mr. Jean Zeigler visited India on 31st August 2005, she was represented her woes before him along with MASUM activists at Bhubeneshwar. On 23.03.2005 while MASUM protested before the Legislative Assembly of West Bengal, she was present there as an aggrieved of Bellilious Park eviction. While all the duty bearers and state government shirked away their responsibility, the Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal; Mr. Gopal Krishna Gandhi, shown rare gesture of humanity and sanctioned Rs. 100000 for her sustenance from his relief fund. She was a patient of Pulmonary Tuberculosis for long and having regular medicines on last 13th of July, she made a visit to the District T.B Center, but as doctor observed while preparing the death certificate that Parvati was severely malnourished and anemic; her corpse was a mere structure of skeleton and it is a curse for the marginalized that medical science has no remedy of hunger and malnutrition till now, one and only remedy is proper food, which was not with Parvati and others, like her.

Parvati left two minor daughters, one serving as domestic help in Delhi, and her employer are resisting her visit to their place and now even not responding their calls, another girl was admitted to a charity school after pursuance of MASUM but she failed to continue her study came back to her home to assist her ailing mother.

Hope a little better future is waiting for Parvati’s remaining daughters.

Report by-

Kirity Roy

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