Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Can common people be helped facing predicaments to take on the might of the Mighty BMC to get justice

Maharashtra, India

At least the General public Should know what the state of affairs will be if they try to get Justice from the BMC in similar circumstances like mine...

In April 2009,The Occupier of Flat no three, Mr Upendra K Kudva, 1st flr in above Soares Bldg, reconstructs a wall having height of 18-20 inches, weighing about 500-700kgs and spread across the entire length and breadth of the chhaja projection outside his Bedroom. This Wall was earlier demolished by the BMC in Jan 2007. I have complained To Bldg and fact dept about this Reconstruction Immediately.

2. After a lot of running about & complaining for about Three months, the Bldg and fact dept finally Issued to Mr Upendra K kudva a Demolition Notice in July 09

3. Again after a few days the Asst Engg Bldg and Fact dept made a complete U- TURN for reasons best know to him and Started giving lame excuses For not demolishing this Illegal/ Unauthorised wall of Mr Upendra K kudva.

4. He is asking to see the BLDg plan which is not needed in this case as it is clearly visible that all other Flats in Soares Bldg have similar type of chhajas except for the Chhaja of Flat no Three which has this Illegal wall built on it. So the Asst Engineer Bldg and Fact dept should actually ask Mr upendra Kudva if only he has got special permission to build this wall on the chajja and to show them the Bldg Plan and special permissions if that is so.

5. Also The Bldg plan is not needed in this case simply because the Bldg Plans never show walls constructed on chhajjas and further building of walls on Chajjas is not permissible under the BMC rules as is already stated by The asst Enginner in his Demolition notice issued in July 09 to Mr upendra kudva.

6. If all other Flats were to follow Mr Upendra kudva;s Example then the additional weight that would be added to JUST THE CHAJAS and balconies in Soares Bldg would be around 10,000to 12,000 Kgs which will be dangerous to the Bldg sooner or later and another Laxmi chaaya or Yusuf manzil type tragedy can take place.Tomorrow Thousands of other Bldgs will also follow this Example.

7. I don’t know if the Asst Engineer Bldg and Fact is avoiding to demolish this illegal construction just because Mr Upendra k Kudva happens to be a SUB-Enginner with the BMC. Sir from all the above it appears/Seems that the Asst Engineer Bldg And fact is resorting to Dereliction of Duty and abusing/Misusing his Powers.

I have already written to the DMC zone Three-Mr Pawar, the Vigilance dept Byculla and also written to the BMC commissioner but to no avail. All these officials have simply sent the complaint back to the ward Officer Shri Dhakne who has not even replied back to me inspite of writting to him twice .

I believe that the complaint will now be forwarded back to the Errant Asst Enginner Bldg and fact dept whom I have complained about by the ward officer ..and if that happens where is the question of any Justice.

I dont know if the Asst Enginner Bldg and Fact dept and others will not demolish or take any action against the person who has constructed this illegal / unauthorised constrction probably because that person himself is a SUB Engineer in the BMC k-west cc Road Dept.

Self Report by-

Johnny Soares

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