Monday, December 21, 2009

Minors were tortured inhumanly by the protectors of the land

West Bengal, India

Name of the Victim: - 1. Master Indrajit Mondal son of Mr. Krishna Chandra Mondal, aged about 14 years 2. Master Sanjit Mondal son of Mr. Krishna Chandra Mondal, aged about 16 years 3. Mr. Surajit Mondal son of Mr. Krishna Chandra Mondal, aged about 18 years all are residing at Village – Char Durgapur, Sub Division- Domkal, Police Station – Raninagar, District- Murshidabad, West Bengal.

Caste of the Victim(s):- All are under Schedule caste.

Name of perpetrators: 9 Border Security Force (BSF) personnel attached with Border outpost no. 102 of Harudanga BSF camp of Battalion no 191, District- Murshidabad, West Bengal.

Place of incident: Farming land of the victims at Harudanga area, (Revised Settlement Dag no. 1083, Record no. 385 & 385), District – Murshidabad, West Bengal.

Date and time of incident: 24/09/2009 around 8 am

Details of the incident:

On 24th NSeptember 2009 around 8 am Mr. Surajit Mondal, Master Sanjit Mondal and Master Indrajit Mondal all are sons of Mr. Krishna Chandra Mondal were busy in agricultural work at the above mentioned land near Indo-Bangladesh border. Some other farmers were also working in the same field. Suddenly they saw few people were running away through that area from Bangladesh side and 9 (Nine) BSF jawans attached with Harudanga BSF camp of battalion no 191 were chasing them. They also saw that those BSF personnel failed to catch those people. It made them very angry. As a consequence they came to the place where Surajit, Sanjit and Indrajit were working and started beating them indiscriminately without any reason. One of the eye witnesses of the incident informed our fact finding team that there was one Mr. Baljindar Singh among the BSF personnel. Those BSF personnel were beating them ruthlessly by their shoes and by the butts of their service rifles. As a result Surajit became senseless. Mr. Nimai Chandra Mondal son of Mr Shukchand Mondal; who was also working at that field then, told our fact finding team that those BSF personnel tied Indrajit’s both of the hands with a rope and then they hanged him from a tree there. The BSF personnel left the place thereafter. The people were present there could not protest against the nasty activity of BSF in fear of them. But the barbaric activity made them gravely concerned and when they observed that the physical condition of the victims were deteriorating, soon some of them namely Mr. Madan Mohan Mondal, Mr. Siten Mondal both are son of Mr. Ram Chandra Mondal, Mr. Rajkumar Mondal son of Mr. Rai charan Mondal took the victims to Godhanpara primary health centre. Getting the news Mr. Krishna Chandra Mondal rushed at the health centre. The victims were referred to Behrampore New General Hospital by Godhanpara primary health centre thereafter. So they were taken to the said hospital and got medical treatment there. Mr. Krishna Chandra Mondal father of the victims told our fact finding team that already he had to spend around Rs.15000 for their treatment.

On 24/09/2009 Mr. Krishna Chandra Mondal lodged a written complaint at Raninagar police station against the BSF personnel. The said police station initiated a case against the BSF personnel; vide case no 615/09 dated 24/09/2009 under section 323/325 under Indian Penal Code. But no perpetrators have been arrested till date.

The above incident is only another addition of series of atrocities perpetrated by BSF personnel at a regular basis. They are habituated to throw filthy words to the common people passing through the Indo-Bangladesh bordering road. They also use sexually intimidating words to the women including the girl students. Common people are so scared of BSF that most of the time they do not lodge any complaint against the BSF personnel.

Report by:

Kirity Roy

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