Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Surojit Mondal, a minor, Scheduled Caste boy tortured & killed

West Bengal, India

Another case of extra judicial killing by the personnel of Border Security Force (BSF) in the Indo- Bangladesh bordering area. This is not an isolated one. BSF are organizing fake encounter at the borders and killing citizens of the country in illegal ways at a regular basis. Illegal actions by the nexus between police, BSF and other Government bodies are breaking the rule of law in stead of keeping it in tact.

It revealed during our fact finding that on 28/09/2009 a minor schedule caste boy of 16 years old named Surajit Mondal was shot dead by the BSF personnel while he was busy in smuggling (illegal cross border activities) of buffaloes. At the time of inquest 2 “Hensos” (one very common tool for farming land) was kept beside his dead body to fabricate the case. One false encounter case was also registered at Raninagar police station. The post mortem examination was done at Labag morgue. His age was recorded as 22 at Lalbag Sub Divisional Hospital, while his family members told our team that his age was only 16 then.

He was fired on 28/09/2009 at around 7 pm, but no medical treatment was arranged either by the BSF personnel or police and the person died. Thus the BSF personnel not only killed a person they also destroyed evidences of a barbaric incident as well as they deprived one Indian citizen from fair trial. So one can easily understand that the intention was BSF was only killing; not to stop smuggling. Here one thing should be mentioned that our Indian constitution does not allow anyone to kill someone, while Indo- Bangladesh bordering areas of Murshidabad districts turn out to be a killing field for posted Border Security Force personnel.

Enclosed fact finding report proves clearly that the right to life of the victim has been grossly violated by the BSF as guaranteed under Art.21 of the Constitution of India. The guidelines of National Human Rights Commission in encounter killings have been shown scant respect and regard by the law enforcing agencies.

Name of the Victim: Master Surajit Mondal son of Mr. Sudhir Mondal, Schedule Caste, aged about 16 years was residing at Village – Rajapur Paschim Colony, Sub Division- Domkal, Police Station – Raninagar, District- Murshidabad, West Bengal.

Name of perpetrators: 1. personnel on duty of Border Security Force (BSF), ‘G’ Company attached with outpost no 3 of Mohanganj BSF camp District– Murshidabad, 191 Battalion. 2. The Officer in Charge of Raninagar police Station, District- Murshidabad. 3. Commanding Officer of 191 Battalion

Place of incident: Near Outpost no 3 of Mohanganj BSF camp, Police Station- Raninagar, District- Murshidabad, West Bengal

Date and time of incident: On 28/09/2009 around 7 pm

Details of the incident:

MASUM conducted fact finding over a case of extra judicial killing of a minor schedule caste boy named Surajit Mondal by the Border Security Force personnel. Surajit’s family was victimized by the erosion of river Padma in few years back. So the family members are spending their days in extreme poverty; which took Surajit into smuggling (illegal cross border business) activities through Indo- Bangladesh border for livelihood.

On 28/09/2009 in the evening it was raining cats and dogs. Surajit along with some of his companions of Digri Ghoshpara and Char Rajanagar area of District Murshidabad were busy in smuggling of buffalos. Some of his companions could able to cross the border outpost and reached at the territory of Bangladesh. But about 7 pm Surajit caught red handed by some BSF personnel and then he was gun shot by one of them from very short distance. The bullet hit at his right bucket and the BSF personnel started beating him indiscriminately by the butts of their rifles thereafter. He became almost senseless. Then again the BSF personnel fired two bullets at his left hand and one bullet at his back which exited through his chest. The BSF personnel left the place thereafter and the body of Surajit was lying down on the ground. Around 12 o’clock at night some BSF personnel took the body to Kaharpara Company Head Quarter of BSF. The whole night the body was lying at the camp. No medical treatment was arranged by BSF. Next day around 8 am the body was taken to Raninagar police Station by BSF van (vehicle number PB-08-BA-9454). Though the body of Surajit was not examined by any doctor and declared as dead, one unnatural death case was registered at the police station; vide U/D case no. 27/09 dated 29/09/2009. Around 10 am on 29/09/2009 Mr. Arunava Das, Block Development Officer of Raninagar II examined the body and prepared the inquest report in presence of Mr. Maskur Rahaman, The Officer in Charge of Raninagar police station while the body was lying in the BSF vehicle vehicle number PB-08-BA-9454, standing in front of Raninagar Police Station . At the time of inquest 2 blunt Hensos (a common tool to cut the grass) was kept beside the body by the police personnel. Here one thing we would like to mention, that in most of the extra judicial killing cases BSF or police try to fabricate the cases in such way that apparently it seems as encounter death cases to save the life of BSF personnel on duty, though there is no injury on the body of the personnel. BSF & Police try to represent the Hensos as weapons.

After conducting inquest the body was sent at Lalbag morgue for post mortem examination (PME) by police. On 29/09/2009 the PME was done at Lalbag morgue; vide PM no 228/09 dated 29/09/2009.

On 11/11/2009 Mr. Maskur Rahaman, the Officer in Charge of Raninagar police station, only informed our fact finding team that here also police initiated an encounter case lodged by BSF, but he did not provide any further information.

Mr. Sudhir Mondal father of Late Surajit Mondal sent written complaints to different administrative and police authorities like The Officer in Charge of Raninagar police station, The Sub-divisional Police Officer, Domkal, The Superintendent of Police, Murshidabad, The District Magistrate, Murshidabad, The Block Development Officer, Raninagar II, The Sub-Divisional Officer, Domkal, The Circle Inspector, Domkal.

On 18/11/2009 our fact finding team asked Mr. Shankar, the duty officer of Raninagar police station that whether any case was initiated against any BSF personnel. The officer refused to provide any information.

Report by:

Kirity Roy

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