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There is a clear failure of the world order today. The gunpoint Capitalism and Communism evolved out of the Industrial Revolution are a clear failure at this stage unable to solve today’s problems. The conclusive orthodox religious order of various hues based on absoluteness, immutability, omnipotency, permanancy and perfection are not capable of answering today’s world awareness,often pulling the world backward towards intolerance and violence. The oft spoken love, brotherhood, concern for the fellow human being and co-operative social collaboration are missing today.From morning until going to bed, everybody seems to be running madly without holistic meaning to life.

It is the failure of the Teacher today than that of the student/ public. The need of the hour is Innovation in every sphere more so in the social systems,social order and Spirituality. For a possible approach and answer,please visit

In these days of MP’s Corruption, Corruption in highest places, Corruption all around us, Favouratism, Nepotism, Discrimination and Embezzlement every where, Violence, Mistrust, Social indifference and Social disorder, we have to look for alternatives. This prompted, the Creation of this Public Charitable Trust on 11-06-2003. There is a need for Paradigm shift in our thinking, faiths, beliefs, attitudes and behavior for achieving Synergy, Peace, Harmony, Justice and Development. There is a need for striking a balance between materialism and spiritualism for ensuring human survival and life survival in general. The attitude of imposing/prescribing everything i.e. do’s and don’ts for progeny must go and a system of freshness, creativity and a relook at the entire past is the need of the hour.

The world today faces extreme violence, be it extremism or terrorism or fundamentalism of various origins. The root cause has to be analyzed in a dispassionate and objective manner. The technological knowledge gained by mankind should not become source of its own destruction. Wisdom should prevail over knowledge. There is a need for balance every where, be it personal life, materialist and spiritual thoughts, social order, justice, equality of opportunity or development.

There is a need to understand materialism and spiritualism and philosophy of Shrama (Labour). Materialism gives that all life originated from matter and the methods used are Scientific postulations, verification and that is the path ( i.e. induction or deduction). Whereas spiritualism originates itself from the realizations of Rishis/ Mahapurushas / Prophets / Imams / Teachers / Rabbies. To understand realization is to go through that process and that is not in your hands. There is no verifiable proof as required by the scientific method. With individuals who have gained scientific knowledge and methodology and spiritual realization, fusion between them is possible which will lead to synergy between materialism and spiritualism for human wellbeing. In order to create knowledge and skills in this historically evolved situation, new ways and new postulations based on the above are required at least for the present time. These two aspects namely Materialism and Spiritualism are the only known aspects/methods of enquiry about Truth and there could be infinite possible methods if mankind has evolved to that state. This
being a possibility.

To understand synergy, peace, harmony, justice and development in society ( global / national), one has to understand meaning of labour (Shrama), its origin, its philosophy and its ideals.

In order to bring forth a direction and knowledge and skills on these above lines i.e. Materialism Spiritualism and Shrama Dharma, this Public Charitable Trust is created on 11-06-2003, with other objectives as given in this website. Perhaps there will be more synergy, peace, harmony, justice and development with minimum Laws and least policing with the right kind of social systems. It is the
failure of the teacher today, than that of the student/public. The right systems and processes have to come in place and hence creative research is required to create this. This is the major objective of this Trust.

Brief points for the TALK
• Spiritualism – a brief
• Materialism –a brief
• History of Eastern and Western Philosophies --- a brief
• Materialism Spiritualism - a new paradigm in philosophy
• Tools used – Truth and reality and five states of existence
• Under research and realization
• Shrama (Labour) - origin, development and philosophy
• Shrama Dharma - a new paradigm in social existence evolved from Eastern and Western life/ Cultural processes
• Materialism Spiritualism and Sharma Dharma – two tools for Synergy, Peace, Harmony, Justice and Development
• Conclusion- assimilation, Integration and Innovation and direction for future.

Report by-

BE(Gold Medallist),MBA(IIM-B,74-76)

Founder&Managing Trustee,
Materialist Spiritualist Mission Trust

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