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West Bengal

Now a day old aged including Person with Disabilities had under compulsion depend on E-mail for their day to day official communications. E-mail is a convenient system of communications which reduces difficulties of an aged disability or disabled making drafts, getting it typed and arranging someone to post office for its delivery to destination. Further it can be said that E-mail communication system is not only a fast communication but in cases of reminders / persuasion / follow up (being a traditional system prevailing in this country) becomes much more effective measure.

It is however experienced that official letters issued to various Government offices, Semi Government offices and other Non Government Offices either do not appreciate these E-mails or prefer to ignore it on some pleas. Thus a very useful system of the modern age, particularly beneficial for old age disability and disabled persons becoming useless.

Attention of the Union Government at its appropriate level is invited to this issue with a request to find out suitable way out to over come this practice through a guide line issued in this respect.

For ready appreciation of the point at issue some few examples are cited below:-
I am a Retd.CGS, Hemaparasis Disabled (60%), right side of body fully paralyzed and cannot move out side freely with out an escort to attend any office but can only operate computer / internet with unusual left hand to communicate rest part of world in connection with social welfare works with different NGOs for betterment of Old Aged Disability and Disabled persons. Since I cannot write with my right hand I had to depend entirely on E-mail communications under compulsion.

Cases are:

ICICI Bank Case: -
Due to a typographical mistaken place at my personal portfolio of ICICI Bank a/c, letter of bank along the Blank Cheque Book, ATM Card and other important documents was not delivered to me and returned by end of 2007. The matter was reported to the bank through an E-mail with the request to correct as Block-"A" instead of Block-"4" duly quoting & enclosing supporting document and web site of BSNL. ICICI, though several reminders issued from time to time did not take any action till a hard copy reminder is sent. ICICI started insisting me to attend Banks office personally, fill up forms for rectification of address etc though they know that I cannot move due to explained reasons. Finally I got my Documents at home address with out attending Bank's office or filling up any forms as because the highest authority of NSDL interfered. I got my documents back after a lapse of almost one year.

b) SBI/TNT-Studio/Kolkata and CPPU/LHO-Kolkata:

Detail calculation of fixation of pay in terms of 6th CPC demand case: - Request made by E-Mails on 27-03-09 followed by reminders after every 20-25 days to Manager/SBI and Dy. General Manager/ Complains/Mumbai. (As an exceptional case Dy.GM/C attended / responded each and every mail, pursued the case but miserably failed to get through-). I had been to Ch. Branch Manager / SBI / TNT-Studio / Kol. to enquire about my case. CBM explained the difficulties he is facing to correspond through E-mails but requested to hand over a hard copy of earlier letter so that he can pursue the case with CPPU by deputing a Bank's representative. On 00-12-09 an officer of CPPU / LHO-Kol (Ph.No.2288-4282) expressed sorry for the delay taken in furnishing details as demanded but expressed his inability to send reply / copy of calculations through E-mails as though his office is having computer/internet but operator not available. He proposed to send papers by currier dak in 2.3 days which I had to agree. In this case a delay has taken place for nine months only due to the reasons that even office having computer / internet neglected all E-mail letters. [Finally I received letter from DGM/O&C/ SBI / Kolkata on 13.12.09 enclosing a statement of my pension drawn from the year 2007 to 2009. According to old aged retired Pundits of the society it clearly shows that no body has gone through the appeal and its reminders for more than 7 months and preferred to send a sweeping letter. Result - again I will have to start writing e-letters which may consume year after year till I bid good by to this earth.

c) CMD / CGM (Kol) / CAO-ALP of BSNL: 

Disputes arising out of wrong billing for modem supplied, continuous disturbances in Broad Band services, excess billing, non working of dataone e-mail services, low speed Broad Band services and illogical as well as forcible stoppage of 20% discount of fixed charges of Broad Band connection by introducing post dated conditions etc. were reported to Chief General Manager / Calcutta Telephones / BSNL through an E-mail dated. 12-03-2008 followed by reminders inclusive of incidents after an interval of every 20-25 days. CGM acknowledged and assured to look into the case in 4 occasions on reminders but no action taken. Since no action initiated by BSNL, the entire issue was brought to the notice of CMD / BSNL ( Delhi ) and hard copy of letter sent to CGM. On receipt of hard copy of letter and being directed by CMD, BSNL authority deputed their Accounts Officers to my residence for discussions and settles the issue. BSNL officers discussed the issues cordially but expressed "we have no powers to solve problems which can be done by higher authority only" They however suggested to send letters only as E-mails are not attended for want of computer operators at different offices though they are having computer and its all accessories.

The entire issues have been discussed several occasions with Sr. officials of CGM's office over telephone but with out result. These officers have also expressed that they do not attend E-mails and act upon it due to several constraints though all of them are provided with computer / internet sets. On date the status of the entire issue stand as: 60% of the disputes/ claims settled somehow and remaining being chased through E-mails under physical compulsion. Case not yet solved.

d) CMS / GM / COM- Metro Railway/Kolkata: 

Issue of concession certificate to an ortohpadically handicapped, paraplegic patient: - I, being a Hemaparasis paraplegic Disabled (60%) holding Handicapped Certificate issued by competent government authority and Medical Board of Govt. of West Bengal bearing No.2567 dated 09, 02.2004 valid up to 09.02.2014), Sr. Citizen, right side of body fully paralyzed, cannot move freely outside without the help of an escort / attendant, appeared before Sr.DMO / M.Rly-Kol. (this Doctor treated me right from beginning I become a victim of the disease & this hospital situated nearer to my place of Kolkata residence) for issue of a certificate by "Government Doctor" as per requirement of the Rly standard form No. 1 / 36 on14-11-2009 at 10.50 AM. Sr.DMO was about to issue the certificate but wanted to obtain formal approval of CMS and desired me to meet CMS personally. I had been to CMS along with wife & daughter. CMS, an administrative officer was available in his office alone but did not enquire anything regarding the subject issue but directed to deposit the paper to his office. As such cases are required to be dealt with directly by a Doctor; officials of CMS office redirected me to Sr.DMO. Sr.DMO was available at 2.30 PM. Sr.DMO accompanied by me had been to CMS again but as he was out of office we had to meet Dy.CMS. Dy.CMS advised me (i.e. a disabled person who cannot move out side freely to chase a case) to contact time to time to get the required instruction / certificate. We had to come back empty handed by 2.45 PM. Situation being thus I had no other alternate way but to remind through E-mails. Unfortunately it is observed that all E-mail IDs of Metro Railway Officers i.e. CMS, GM, COM < > (IDs available at web site) are not working properly. All the letters / reminders issued are bounced back undelivered. In an unconventional method I had to bring the case to the knowledge of DG / RHS at New Delhi through E-mail. A month already lapsed but Issue continues.

e) Railway Board CRB/M.R -

Hemaparasis Disabled (60%) right side fully paralyzed, Rly Retd, Sr. Citizen's request to allow his escort/ attendant to travel in same class instead of accompanying from 2nd class on humanitarian grounds:- Explaining details of the difficulties experienced by a disabled in a mobile train I had requested railway administration at the highest level to kindly allow my escort/ attendant (against pass issued to me after post retirement) to travel along with me in the same class I am traveling, considering the constraints of a disabled person on humanitarian grounds in the month June'2009. Escort/attendant is allowed to travel in 2nd class i.e. Far away from AC-2 / FC and as such no useful purpose is served. Although every after 20-25 days a reminder is issued through E-mails, no response received till date. Normally no response / acknowledgements of an appeal/letters are received from any office of our country unless they are compelled to do so. It cannot be expected by an old aged disabled person that a prompt reply / acknowledgement will be sent to him. Hence I had no other alternative but to remind through unproductive E-mails. Probably railway administrators started deeply thinking over the issue of an instant humanitarian consideration case of a non- gazette person and its impacts on the entire country. Issue is on.

Report by:

Chinmay Kar

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