Thursday, January 28, 2010

“Magsaysay Winner Dr. Sandeep Pandey is a dual character man” says Sanjeeba, a known street play activist of Kanpur

Uttar Pradesh, India

A new episode of annual humiliation drama by the administration of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur was played recently. About 120 termination letters were issued to the students of which more than 50% students were of SC & ST categories. Terminations of about 80 students were later cancelled.

Magsaysay winner Dr. Sandeep Pandey went to meet the remaining terminated students to provide his support to them, but after meeting with students, Dr. Pandey became silent.

Sanjeeba told GRI that he cannot understand the actual hidden reasons of silence by Magsaysay Winner Dr. Sandeep Pandey. He said, “Magsaysay Winner Dr. Sandeep Pandey is highly scared to loose support of the alumni people of IITs, NRIs and people of elite institutions. Dr. Sandeep Pandey does not want to loose glamour of eliteness thus he is not standing with the Truth”. Sanjeeba also said that the silence of Dr. Sandeep Pandey is extremely shameful and the dual character of Dr. Sandeep Pandey has been exposed.

“Why did Dr. Sandeep Pandey leave teaching in IIT Kanpur in early 1990-s, because he has started teachings in IITs again? What are the values of Magsaysay Winner Dr. Sandeep Pandey?” bursted Sanjeeba on Dr. Sandeep Pandey.

Sanjeeba told to GRI that people like Dr. Sandeep Pandey should not be termed Social, because they associate caste with their names to enjoy the feudal-egos of caste-superiority on the 80% of the population of the India.

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GRI Reporter

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