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It was a very interesting and passionate letter. But, I have few crucial questions and can I expect a transparent Multinational Corporate like Vedanta to give focused response.

1. At the outset, keeping in line with Copenhagen Climate change agenda, may I share with you that Adivasis, Tribals or with whatever name you may call us, WE do not want the prosperity of the parrot in a golden cage and fed regularly with apples. We desire the freedom and Independence of the parrot to fly around the forest and garden, work hard to get our fruits direct from the trees. Do you share this value, which we strongly think that the entire Humanity must respond?

2. We are a large and closely integrated India, after Independence, thanks to Mountbatten and Patel. Similar largeness and integrated India was there during 90 years of British Raj, 180 years of the Mughal Empire and 130 years of Asoka and Maurya rulers. Before the 90 years of British rule, all the property- Land, Forest, Water and even Air was our property- the property of the communities. The kings or “State” merely gave protection from outside invasion, in turn collecting taxes. It was the British Raj who first illegally declared Forest and Land as the property of the State or Government. Even here they did not interfere with the local governance. At the time of Independence, the Tribal/Adivasi populations were persuaded to join the Indian Union with a solemn commitment given on behalf of the Government of India by Nehru as Panch sheal. In addition, keeping the same spirit we have constitutional provisions of V and VI schedule, Tribal Advisory Committee and special role of the Governor of states and President of India beyond even the purview of the legislators.

3. Above all, keeping in line with our father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi- Gram Swaraj, we have the Panchayath Raj Act and provision of building bottom up Democracy Participatory Democracy is budding and needs to mature before taking big decision like your mega mining.

· Is it irony, your company is named Vedanta or do you/your company believe in Vedanta?

· If so or even otherwise, who gave you permission to do the mining, when it belongs to the local communities? It is their property and it is a fundamental right.

· If you say that Orissa State Government or Government of India gave, is it not using their brute force and tyranny of majority in legislatures and without any moral authority? We do not believe in the British and Nazi idea of making people believe untruth by going on saying it. We are a land of Gandhi- Satyameva Jayathe- Truth Prevails. Vedanta, will you join us in this mission to preserve and stand by Truth?

· Foreign NGOs creating unrest in Lanjigarh – Is this the Truth? Or can we say that Foreign Corporate are colonizing and carpet bombing our Eastern Ghats?

· We are sure that Vedanta has strong base or is it based in America. Your venture is against the much cherished Doctrine of Monroe and Doctrine of Truman because “you are colonizing through back or is it front door our distant Eastern Ghats and destroying the Democracies of Local Governance”. Am I wrong?

4. Will you be fair to share this letter with all the journalist, whom you had circulated your earlier letter?

5. Will you acknowledge this mail?

6. Is it fair now you have instigated our Government of India to do Green Hunt which is spilling Red Blood of our Adivasis in Abhujmud- Chattisgah in Dandakaranya, in the name and euphemism of eliminating terrorism?

In the context of Climate change, a war between living and non living being on the globe, the terrorism that has root in mad/crazy materialism path humanity is adopting, degradation of spiritual values, conflict between Social Sciences and Material sciences, if you believe in Vedanta STOP this and your future such inhuman ventures. Be like a Sidhartha who became Buddha or Asoka to search your Human soul and help others.


With High Regards,

Vedanta’s letter to journalists-

Foreign NGOs creating unrest in Lanjigarh

Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 17:14:18 +0530

Dear Sir,

You may kindly like to go through the background below which is a serious matter as foreign NGOs are creating unrest in Lanjigarh and provoking people to talk against the government and the company. I would request if you could kindly depute some one to do this story please.. I have also mentioned the phone numbers of SP Kalahandi and also the COO of Vedanta in Lanjigarh for any reference or talking over phone please.

Ill be grateful if you could kindly take up this issue please.


Pavan Kaushik
Head – Corporate Communication
Vedanta Group
Phone: 9928844499

Foreign NGOs creating unrest in Lanjigarh

Recently the statement of Hon’ble Steel and Mines Minister of Orissa, Mr. Raghunath Mohanty, stating that ‘Not a single tribal family would be displaced due to this mining project’ and also that ‘No Dongria Kondha tribe live at the proposed mining area of Lanjigarh located between Rayagada and Kalahandi districts’ has been a lot unrest in the foreign NGOs who have been circulating a lot of false information about the entire mining activity in Orissa.

2There has been a sudden movement of foreigners / foreign NGOs in Lanjigarh, Kalahandi district in the past few days. Strangely foreigners coming on tourist visa from countries like Italy, Germany, Australia, Denmark, UK etc. have become frequent and they are freely moving in the region. These people have been forcedly interacting with local tribals and disturbing their peace. A local NGO is supporting the visits. The local people have taken this very seriously and are opposing their entry into their region. The unrest has also got reported to local police authorities who are now looking into the matter of this sudden movement of foreign NGOs including Survival International. These foreign NGOs are provoking innocent tribals to defame the government and the company, Vedanta Group. This is being done to create misunderstanding and an environment of unrest before the visit of Central Team of MoEF that is scheduled to visit the Niyamgiri shortly.

The world is taking note of India starting bauxite mining after a gap of over 25 years. Once the bauxite mine at Niyamgiri starts, India will be placed as one of the largest aluminium producer in the world.

Niyamgiri range of hills has 250 sq. cm large foot print. The actual mineralization area in the proposed mining project is only 3.5% KM, that also having a depth of about 30 metres on the top. This truth has put a complete dent on the false information being circulated by these foreign NGOs that proposed mining will completely destroy the Niyamgiri mountain. Actually speaking, Bauxite extraction will actually benefit the environment, because it removes a hard rocky layer called laterite which would allow rain water to percolate deep inside the soil, increasing afforestation post-mining. Vedanta highlighted that with the use of best technology the plant is meeting all the required compliances in respect of air and water pollution, rather Lanjigarh Refinery is amongst the few in the world to have attained zero discharge status.

The Orissa government has constituted a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in the name of Lanjigarh Project Area Development Foundation (LDADF), with contribution of State Government as 25%, Orissa Mining Corporation as 26% and Sterlite Industries Ltd as 49%, as directed by the Supreme Court. The Revenue Divisional Commissioner (RDC) – Southern Division is the Chairman of the Special Purpose Vehicle which on its first meeting itself decided to take up development projects worth Rs. 17.70 crore in the areas of health, education, road, infrastructure development that are required for the upliftment of Dongria and Kutia Kondha tribes, the Minister added.

Earlier, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, while granting permission vide the judgement dated August 8, 2008, had looked all aspects including tribal development, wild life impact, environment impact, and sustainable development in the area connected with this project, taking into account all arguments, and came to the conclusion that starting mining operation at Niyamgiri Hills, subject to fulfilment of all statutory requirement, will definitely give a boost to the development of the entire area. Since mining is an important source of revenue generation, such projects should be encouraged along with principle of sustainable development so that these areas can be brought to the main line, the Hon’ble Court had observed.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India also observed that there is abject poverty in the area and the area is lacking with regards to health, education, infrastructure, communication, to name a few. On the recommendation of the apex court, the Company agreed for investing 5% of the profit or Rs. 10 crore, which ever is more, from this project, for the developmental works within 50 km of the project area.

Vedanta has been saying this all along that bauxite is a hard rock that exists above 900 metres from the surface and therefore the Niyamgiri hills are neither crop nor inhabitants-friendly.

The bauxite-alumina project at Lanjigarh in Kalahandi district in Orissa would initiate investment of over Rs. 10,000 crore by Vedanta. Over 5000 local people have worked to build the Lanjigarh Plant. Kalahandi district of Orissa is one of the most backward district in India and the project is expected to change the profile of the entire district bringing considerable direct and indirect employment, infrastructure development, community development, social-economic development and empowerment.

Mines are generally located in the remote areas and development of such projects not only bring prosperity of that area but also add considerable value to the State’s exchequer.

India is a mineral rich country and at par with countries like Canada, Australia, South Africa and Brazil. The minerals have contributed significantly to the GDP’s of these countries and have become alternative source of revenue to the government. The same model should work for India as well.


You can speak to the following two people on the above:-

1. Chief Operating Officer of Lanjigarh, Dr. Mukesh Kumar. His mobile number is +91 9937251216.

2. SP Kalahandi is Mr. Manohar Das – +91 9437158022, 06670230207, 06670230216

Open Letter by:


People’s Peace and Prosperity Mission,
Gudem Post, G.K.Veedhi Mandal, Visakha District, Andhra Pradesh, India-531 133.
Chatti Post, Chinthur Mandal, Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh, India- 507 129
Mobile: 9490109328.

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