Sunday, January 10, 2010

RTI activist on Indefinite Anshan in Lucknow

The status of RTI in Uttar Pradesh is really bad as I and all other RTI activists from UP have been telling time and again. I have my own experiences while each of our friends have their own. The worst culprit of this poor situation is the UP Information Commission where the Information Commissioners are acting as puppets in the hands of the government. The result is that everywhere the situation remains the same.

I had myself asked a few questions related with the pendency and actions taken under section 20 and 21 of the RTI ACt from the Commission and so far I have not got any reply.

In such situations, Sri Akhilesh Saxena, a prominent RTI activist who has remained associated with the RTI movement in UP right from the beginning and is also associated with the National RTI Forum is feeling so badly hurt and perturbed that he has already given a notice of Indefinite anshan (fast) against corruption and totally failure of "right to information act 2005" in Uttar Pradesh. The Anshan (fast) will begin on 2nd October 2010 at Shaheed Smarak (Martyr’s Memorial) opposite Gandhi Bhavan in ,Lucknow.

Much before this he has also presented a 27 point memorandum to the Governor of Uttar Pradesh where he has raised a very large number of serious issues raising many questions on the functioning of the UP Information Commission. Some of his demands include- compulsory enquiry at the highest level of all the complaints made against the Information Commissioners (which in UP are very large in number) and due follow up action, presentation of Annual report of the functioning of the Commission as is mandatory under section 25 of the RTI Act, complete transparency in the working of the Commission and many other very important ones.

The National RTI Forum stands in unison with Sri Akhilesh Saxena who is among the very sincere and dedicated RTI activists in Uttar Pradesh and supports all the issues raised by him. We appeal to the concerned authorities to immediately heed to all the demands raised by Sri Saxena so that the situation gets sorted out before time and the purpose for which Sri Saxena has started this endeavour gets its end-results.


Dr Nutan Thakur


National RTI Forum,



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