Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) demands withdrawal of false cases booked against Christian youth in September 2008


Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) welcomes Justice Somasekhara Commission interim report. We urge Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. Yeddyurppa to live up to the solemn promise of prompt action given on the occasion of appointment of Justice Somasekhara Commission.

Justice Somasekhara Commission is in the “impression” that “top police officers and the district administration and other authorities and Panchayat heads...colluded with the members of Bajrang Dal and Sri Rama Sene directly or indirectly in attacking the churches”.

The commission also said the police committed excesses while trying to bring the law and situation when they cane-charged Christian protesters who had taken to the streets as well as “unjustifiably” caused injuries to innocent people, including women and children.

1. Ensue protection for all religions and their institutions in particular to minority institutions.
2. Plea for adequate compensation for institutions and prayer halls affected during the violence against Christians from 2008.
3. Ensure steps to stop vilification campaign against Christians by anti social religious outfits.

Hundreds of false cases are registered after suffering brutal attacks from the police and the anti social elements. GCIC appeals to the Honourable Chief Minister to withdraw all false cases registered against the youth giving them a new leaf of life to be productive law abiding citizens of our nation.

Article by:
Dr. Sajan K George
National President
Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC)

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