Thursday, March 04, 2010

Protest Demonstration against Police Violence!

Uttar Pradesh, India

CPI(ML)-New Democracy condemns Mayawati Govt’s pro-feudal malevolent police violence against landless and poor peasantry. ‘Special’ targets of Mayawati’s police: Women and minor girls.

On 4th March 2010 the CPI(ML) New Democracy held a demonstration at Jantar Mantar from 12 noon onwards against the brutal police –PAC assault ordered by Mayawati Govt against landless and small peasantry (Passi and Mallaha) and sand workers organized under AIKMS (All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha) and our party in Distt Kousambi (U.P.) near Allahabad. Since the morning of 28thFeb an orgy of state violence is on in villages Ujjaini, Nanda ka pura and Kewatpura (1st March onwards) in this dist. and still continuing. On 28th March, declaring a “Red Alert” in Nanda Ka Pura and Kewatpura, a 500 strong police party (where they had been camping since the earlier evening) indulged in mass arrests, beating of women and children, breaking boats and also set fire to three houses of AIKMS leaders.

Speaking at the demonstration, Delhi Committee Secretary Com. Aparna and other party leaders said that the sand workers (Mallahas) have been fighting against introduction of illegal machines by politicians linked to ruling parties with the blessings of Mayawati Govt. Landless and poor peasantry have been struggling for distribution of govt. and gram sabha land along the banks of the Yamuna river which is being illegally cultivated by feudal. Since Nov 2008 Ujjaini women took over 9 acres of gram sabha land and cultivated the same. Now that the harvest is ready, the feudal with goons and police are coming to harvest the crop-but the women have defended their crop. Thus, open activity of AIKMS and CPI(ML) New Democracy has been banned in Koshambi dist.; 17 leaders of AIKMS have been declared “gangsters” and the area has been declared “Naxal-infested”. Thus Mayawati govt. has shown its true colors as a friend of the feudal against the poor and landless. CPI(ML)New Democracy reminds that Mandal Commission underlined that land reforms was the first step for caste eradication. It is also clear that continual attack of Mayawati govt against this area since late last year is part of the Manmohan-Chidambaram crackdown on people’s struggles in the name of “War on Naxals”.

Ms. Poonam Kaushik (Gen Secy. Pragatisheel Mahila Sanghatan) said a special feature of the repression was targeting of women and children. Women were badly beaten up at Ujjaini on 28th Feb and 12 women were arrested –three are 12 year old girls (Parmeena, Pushpa and Vanita) and one is 14 years old. All have been booked u/s 307!! On 2nd March ASP Verma CO Chail Rajesh Singh, CO S. Chaturvedi and SO S.A.Chandrashekhar simply beat up women in Nand ka pura. PMS has lodged a complaint with NCW at Delhi on the 2nd March evening.

Protestors raised slogans demanding immediate withdrawal of police from the area, release of all arrested, especially four minor girls who have already spent 4 nights in Naini jail and implementation of land reforms. They condemned police violence on the peaceful people’s movement and raised slogans reminding that Mayawati was upholding feudal against poor peasantry.

Press Release By:
Secretary, Delhi Committee

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