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West Bengal:: Abduction & trafficking of a woman & police inaction

West Bengal, India

Case Details :-

Name of the Victims:- (1) Ms. Fatima Bewa (name changed), Female, 45 years, Religion – Islam; (2) Ms. Mumtaz (name changed), Female, 21 years, residing at Village & Post Office – Kazi Para, No.4 Gate, Police Station – Barasat, District –North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India

Name of the Perpetrators:- (1) Mr. Rakesh Chatterjee, Sub-Inspector of Barasat Police Station, District – North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India; (2) Ms. Anwara Biwi, daughter of Mr. Aptar Ali Baid of Lebutala, Barasat, District – North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India.

Place of Incident:- Barasat Police Station, North 24 Parganas
Date of Incident:- On 01st February 2010, 11th February 2010, 13th February 2010 and 19th February 2010

Detail of Incident:-

It was on 11th February 2010 that Ms. Fatima Bewa (name changed) filed a complaint to Barasat Police Station against forcible abduction of her daughter Ms. Mumtaz (name changed). Instead of registering a criminal case merely an informational entry was being made in General Diary Entry (GDE) book vide GDE No 1369/10. Later she came to know that Ms. Anwara Biwi abducted her daughter alluring with a job offer was in fact an woman trafficker. Subsequently, on 13th February 2010 at around morning 9 AM, she along with her son-in-law went to the same police station to lodge a fresh criminal case against Ms. Anwara Biwi for abduction and trafficking of her daughter. The police officials of the said police station did not pay heed to their agony and neither did register a case. It was only after intervention of our organisation i.e. when we reported the incidence of inaction to Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) and requested him to intervene, victims were attended to at 3 PM (i.e. after insulting six hours) and subsequently an First Information Report (FIR) was lodged (Barasat Police Station Case/FIR No. 347/10 dated 13-02-2010 under sections 363/367/368 of Indian Penal Code). However, despite repeated requests to the police officials of the said police station, a copy of the same FIR is not been handed over to the complainant till date.

Since then the poor widow mother went to Barasat police station time and again. But every time the concerned Investigating Officer (IO) of Barasat Police Station, Mr. Rakesh Chatterjee, Sub-Inspector refused to attend her plea showing different lame excuses. As we came to know about the IO’s inaction from the victim, we contacted the IO on his mobile, he replied with laxity, “I am looking into the matter and have contacted an NGO.” Being shocked to his answer as we reenquired, he reaffirmed, “Yes, an NGO. The NGO would take some money as they deal with this kind of incidents and in return would rescue the woman.”

Incidentally, a Bengali daily published a news of rescuing few Bengali women from a brothel at Pune on 18th February 2010. One of them was resident of Kankra Mirja Nagar village, Basirhaat, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal. This woman was also known to victim’s family and was accompanying Ms. Mumtaz while they left their house for a job. Immediately after getting the information Ms. Fatima contacted the rescued woman and came to know that her daughter is also under the clutch of same trafficking gang. Soon after she went to the abovementioned IO and informed the same. It is to be reiterated that, on that day too the victim had to wait for a long time and had to plead repeatedly before getting a hearing. However, this revealing information did not earn an iota of response and initiation towards rescuing the abducted woman by the IO. He asked as many as 15 copies of photograph of the abducted woman, which the complainant immediately adhered to.

Later, on contacting the rescued woman again, a very important piece of information was obtained by Ms. Fatima regarding the trafficking gang. The IO did not pay heed to the information about the lady trafficker, a member of same trafficking gang who was arrested and is presently under custody of Pune police. Instead of taking any step so far on the issue, the IO suggested the victim to approach some NGO to rescue the trafficked woman. The IO also reacted exasperatingly, “First you send your daughter for earning easy money, and now you are unnecessarily troubling us.” A written complaint against the act of inaction by the IO has been submitted to the Superintendent of Police of North 24 Parganas on 01 March 2010. However, her complaint has neither been acknowledged nor any effective action has been initiated. It seems even that fell on deaf ears.

As on date the same story of indifference and inaction continues in spite of repeated appeals to the police station. It is on 13 March 2010, after one month of initiation of the case, the IO, Mr. Rakesh Chatterjee replied to our enquiry on status of the said case, “I am yet to contact the rescued woman and gather information as I am too busy in other jobs. But I have sent a letter to Pune (could not mention exactly to whom it was sent).”

Report By:
Kirity Roy

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