Friday, April 09, 2010

Delegation met the president of India on issue of students of IIT Kanpur

New Delhi,

A delegation lead by Prof. V.N.Pal Along with Dr. S.L Sagar, Mr. Pradeep Verma & Deshraj Vidyarthi met Hon'ble President of India on 01.04.2010 at Rastrapati Bhawan and discuss the issue of termination of students of IIT Kanpur at length Dr.Pal also offered the Socio-Scientific solutions of various problems of the nation such as Roti, Kapda, Makan, Sadak, Bijli, Pani, Siksha, Swasthya, and Suraksha. the Solutions are Simple, full of Ineffectual, Practicable, easily applicable, economic and sort terms in Nature.

Dr. Pal ask for the time to discuss these problems at length either before the President of India of any of Her Representatives. She accepted the request of Dr.Pal and directed her aides to provide him a suitable hand like Mr. Barun Mitra an IAS, Joint Secretary to President of India.

The Delegation discussed the issue of IIT/K Student Problem of termination at length. and consented to provide the formal appeal to Reinstate the terminated students along with proofs to Mr. Mitra. for other matter's Dr. Pal was told to be in touch with Mr. Mitra through correspondence like Email, Teliphonic, Talk or in Person.