Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I have no intention and desire of rejoining the BJP: Govindacharya

New Delhi, 6 April

Amid the speculation over his comeback to BJP, KN Govindacharya, Patron of Rashtriya Swabhiman Aandolan (RSA) said, ‘Since 2003, I have never expressed any desire and intention of rejoining the BJP. I want to make it clear once again that I have no intention and desire of rejoining the BJP.’

He said, ‘Whatever I have done since 2003, there is a consistency and continuity in that. I have formed Kautilya Sodh Sansthan in 2003 and handed over it to Shri Amit Sharma and I became the patron of the same. Same thing I have done with Bharat Vikas Sangama (BVS). It was formed in 2004 and handed over to Shri Basavraj Patil in 2008 and I became the patron of BVS. Samagra Sodh Sansthan was formed in 2008 and handed over to Shri Surendra Bisht in 2009 and I became the patron of this. Same thing happened with RSA. This organization was formed on 15th May 2004 on the issue of eligibility of a person of a foreign origin for the important post like prime ministership. Since then, I was acting as the convenor of RSA and finally I handed over this to Shri Rakesh Dubey on last Saturday (3rd April) and became the patron of RSA. I handed over each organization to that person, who is more competent than me. It doesn’t mean that I have either disassociated myself from these organizations or my colleagues.’ He said, ‘I am also acting as patron of the Ganga Mahasabha, which was formed by Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya in 1916 and rejuvenated in early 2000 by Shri Acharya Jitendra. Bhartiya Janshakti Party (BJS) was formed on 30 April 2006 in Ujjain. After the assembly election of MP in 2008, I was requested to become the patron of the BJS too.’

Govindacharya said, ‘My activities, steps and decision should not be viewed in a partisan angle favouring a particular political party. Current problems and condition of the BJP do not influence my decision making faculty in any manner.’ He further laments, ‘I am consistently following the line of Pro-poor and Pro-Bharat. I desired to co-operate on values and issues with various political and semi political organizations. The touch stone will be the Pro-Bharat and Pro-poor policies. The politics favouring poor and Bharat is the need of the hour.’ Govindacharya said, ‘Keeping this purpose in mind, a group of political and semi political organizations gathered at Allahabad on 15th January 2009 and they formed the Rashtravadi Morcha. Shri S.S. Dang of Jagrat Bharat Party is the convenor of the same and I am the patron of this front.’

He said, ‘I have reached Bhopal on 31st evening for the preparation of RSA all India meet. Details of the deliberations were formulated on 2nd of April and the working paper for discussion was handed over to Shri Rakesh Dubey. On 3rd and 4th, I had planned to be in Delhi to oversee some documents necessary for Rashtravadi Morcha. Also, the discussion was scheduled for National Vision Document too. My coming back to Delhi was in no way even remotely connected with affairs of BJP in particular or partisan politics in general.’

Govindacharya added, ‘For the coming months, the workers of all these fronts and organizations will be working for the success of Bharat Vikas Sangama scheduled at Gulburga, Karnatka from 23rd December 2010 to 1st January 2011 along with other activities of their own.’

Rashtriya Swabhiman Andolan