Sunday, April 25, 2010

Suicides and attempts for suicide by the students of IIT Kanpur (An autonomous prestigious Institute where recruiters come from heaven)

IIT Kanpur,

It was the night of this April 19’2010, Snehal Ajit Indurkar, student of IIT Kanpur cut a slit into her left hand nerve to end her life just because of the fear of termination, if you are stunned please don’t be now because this is like the sun rises every morning and sets in the evening, yes in IIT Kanpur this is a pattern here, eight students in four years ended their lives, and dozens have tried but any how they are saved, and many hundreds of students are under different type of psychological treatment here in IIT Kanpur, if you are judgmental here please don’t be now, story is a bit big. And you will be startled to know that immediately any suicide attempt happens IIT Kanpur administration found busy in preventing the news from spreading, even I have heard from a PhD student that before a year a girl attempted suicide and dean of student affairs Partha Chokraborty rang to health centre and warned the doctor about spreading the news and gave threat of job. Often in the morning I go for a walk in the lane where my director sir lives, a big cup of tea in left hand and the news paper in other hand, sitting with his wife with cheerful short conversations after every few minutes, his highness, he is a director here for the third time, you know I am a fan of him, wouldn’t you ask why, because he has made very good relations with upper cone of political hierarchy. Neither the President, Prime minister, MHRD, Home Ministry, Human Rights nor State Government tried to intervene this killing business in IIT Kanpur, he is a man of powers in this democratic country.

If you think to leave apart the suicides and attempts for suicide because IIT Kanpur has been a prestigious institute, retrieve the memories of expulsion of 50 students that was illegal as well as in humanitarian and malicious. I am saying it illegal in the sense that the senate that takes the decision was running short in number means quorum was incomplete and it is happening for last few years, I am saying it in-humanitarian as the students having genuine excuses (like heart surgery of parents etc) were expelled and students with no proper excuses were reinstated back. In last of the December 2009 IITK authorities issued termination letters to 140 students of various departments, don’t think this is a big number who couldn’t perform up-to mark but apart from this many hundred students are put in the category of under-performance called probation, this is real picture of academically inadequately running institute, if students in a huge numbers are being served as terminations this shows the failure of administration and management. Government is always found concerned about quality of education in our country but one thing that bothers me and many of us is why this government just ignoring the case of IIT Kanpur for the past few years while the situation is terribly cynical here and its world ranking is going down rapidly, simultaneously talking of reforms in education system every time.

Above indicated are not the only problems, institute is going through a lot of other atrocious implications and it’s a time to find out an immediate remedy for the disease before it jump to the next and irreparable level.

Article by:
Kilkil sachan
Graduate student
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
(IIT Kanpur)

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  1. what is the responsibility taken by the faculty for the so called under performance students? these faculty people simply clean their hands saying u r under performed students. here in IIT Kanpur it is not an education system it is simply a grading system more over which is worse than out side corporate/coaching centres



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