Saturday, May 08, 2010

GMO products and their pain

More interesting reports on the dangers of GMO and the profit-centric human-phobic activity of Monsanto.

Check out the weed resistance report:
Also enjoy the comments at the end of the report.

This must be given the widest possible publicity so that more Governments and farms do not fall prey to the so called new technology which is not tested for decades and which lacks citizen monitoring. It would be best if testing is done in fully protected areas and labeling of GMO is made mandatory.

The Fist Green Revolution in India of the 1970s, got quick results and slow pain in that: more pesticides, more fertilizer, more water and more power is needed to grow the new seeds. Also the seed efficacy seems to drop with time and nurtured saplings and seeds are often needed. This realization took 40 years in coming. This is the time it takes to determine the downside, when humans interfere with nature which has evolved processes and products over hundreds of millennium. Again this pain and time was for cross bred seeds from same species. Imagine now the surprises in store when inter-species breeding is done.

The new GMO products come from DNA tampering of cross-species of plants and bacteria and such products are trumpeted as a 'new green revolution' without the decades of observation and trials. No one can foresee the new pain in store after fifty years. No doubt the supporters will say ... we will come up with newer and costlier solutions and more patents and more IPR and more corporate profits. The ordinary farmers who were free and whole communities who thought they have freedom to choose will become indentured labour, working away for unknown corporate gains. The pain and anxiety will continue to grow.

The NOW SOLUTION is to isolate such work, have citizen group monitoring, observe for decades, mandate GMO labeling, conduct closely monitored trials in different zones and specifically look for unintended effects on other species due to the new GMO products. Think about 'terminator genes', 'gene silencing' and 'unintended gene mutations'. Do not forget perpetuating bio-diversity. Most important remember this Earth is our only home.

ACT NOW FOR A BETTER FUTURE. Give widest publicity and lobby with your elected representatives for a safer tomorrow.

Article by:
Praful Vora,
Convener - JNM.
JNM works towards fundamental political, electoral and governance reforms.