Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Rev. C.P. Anto, the Founder and Director, Peace channel while addressing the one day training of Peace Channel club leaders on 24th April 2010 at Dimapur, said that Peace Channel Clubs can be the modern Morung, where not only the young boys get trained in developing the skills but also the girls. In the Peace Channel Club we adapt the good and healthy practices based on the principle of peace and nonviolence of the traditional Morung. While addressing the youth leaders on the theme YOUTH THE CATALYST FOR CHANGE he said that in today’s society the youth has to play a very vital role in bringing positive change in the society. These change makers have to play a vital role in promoting peace in the families, educational institutions and in the society. He also animated a session on how to develop skills in peace building and conflict transformation.

Rev. Fr. Chacko K, the parish priest of Holy Cross School graced and prayed for the success of the seminar. In his message he said that the youth leaders have to play the role of the prophet Moses. He also said that everyone is unique creation of God and all have to be respected and accepted irrespective of cast, class, tribe, region and religion. This should be the first step to peace building.

Mr. Kishor Dass PRO and Ms. Monica Kaisa, the coordinator too addressed the youth on various topics. The Peace Channel Club leasers of various institutions shared their activities and Ms. Cynthia proposed vote of thanks. She thanked the principals, teacher coordinators and leaders of Clubs in the gathering. With the evaluation and action plan the programme was concluded. Over ninety student leaders from 22 educational institutions participated in the programme.

Report by:
Mr. Domnic
Peace Channel Desk.