Tuesday, July 06, 2010

City Betterment Charge

The Maharashtra Government and their 'selected officials' spent their time and citizens' money dreaming during the day. They have come up with a plan to tax citizens yet again. They claim that better infrastructure should encourage Mumbaikars to pay more for it. They feel, that property prices will go up and Mumbaikars should share with the Govt. their good fortune. Please see the attached two pages.

I wonder if these babus have thought of refunding monies collected as taxes for the past say, twenty years, when they failed to deliver basic infrastructure to the citizens of the City. I wonder if they have thought that if profit has to be shared, first there must be a sale, will they wait for benefited citizens to sell out? What about those whose property prices fall, will they compensate them? How about compensation for the losses during the floods?

If 'impact fee' is to be forced from developers, then there must be enforceable rights by the payees. Will the Govt and its Babus enter into such contracts? This is the method of the business world ... which the Babus wish now to enter, so they should accept personal liability for the same.

Me thinks this is a diversionary tactic by the Politicos to enrage the Citizens and then to offer to withdraw the same magnanimously. Their inter party and intra party quarrels for one up man ship, have now spread with collateral damages to the citizens who vote them to power. I say beware politicos! City Elections are near and games will not deliver outcome. Do not tickle the sleeping citizens who when they wake up will throw these ideas and their originators into the sea.

Kindly post your thoughts and comments at our blog at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jagrutnagrik/ so that we can take this matter up with our CM.

Praful Vora

Convener - JNM।
JNM will work towards fundamental political, electoral and governance reforms.
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