Monday, July 05, 2010

hike in gas prices

Respected Murli bhai,

The statement by you has come in ET that you have just increased Rs. 1 per day that is Rs. 35 /- for gas cylinder.

Please note:
1. The sweeper, the watchman, the domestic help , the bai, the aya, the lift man , the driver etc earn less then 5k to 6 k.
They have to pay rent in slum created by politicians and bureaucrats which is about Rs. 3000/- pm.They have to pay for power,water, sickness, look after old and children > They have more then 3 to 4 children. After Sanjay Gandhi the spine less politicians have no courage to implement family planning.
These poor also wish to send their children to English medium school as municipal school run by politicians and bureaucrats ( u were once Mayor of this corrupt, inefficient municipal corporation of Mumbai. slum-bay) . They r not able to afford that.And these children remain uneducated and remain poor worker which your system wants ( so rich can hire them and squeeze them further life time). Your system of education is such that rich can send their wards to US best schools and they become MBA 's and draw Rs 10 million package and poor ( kept like that by your govt) can only send their children to so called school run by municipality which produces illiterate workers so u can hire them for peanuts. Great work. May god bless u for all this.

Just search your soul ( Osho says not all have one) , sit and work household budget of your junior staff / domestic help , best is run your house for just one month with only honest white income and then make the same statement with no guilt ( guilt is only felt by non hard core criminals, hard cores will never say oooof even after murdering 100 innocents and our politicians and bureaucrats r not lesser hardcore.).They enjoy world best luxuries without guilt ( Gandhiji . Vinoba etc gave all that as they had heart) while poor and middle class suffer this price rise, this mismanagement, this inflation, non development for common man etc. etc.

2. You never thought for a second with ur heart before increasing gas cylinder price. But u have blocked increase in rent in Mumbai for last 60 years. Why u can think of profits of gas cos, petrol cos, od Ambanies, of industrialists alone???? Taxi and auto fares have been increased. Air fares have been increased. Power tariffs have ben increased but not the rent. There r only 2 reasons.

A. Those cos where u have a stake / share holding u r worried about their profits.
B. Those who have unions who can arm twist/ give bribe their rates are increased.The rates of milk used by poor, infants, pregnants, old, patients etc are increased as either the dairies r owned by politicians and ex govt officials or dairy union can give bribe . Same is taxi, auto union has given Rs. 10 million to transport minister and commissioner. Same is Reliance has given to energy minister and officers etc etc. Now a days schools and colleges r owned and run by politicians and bureaucrats and their fees, donation etc has been allowed to increase leaps and bound. Any business which can share booty with govt r allowed to thrive but since shelter provide rs / the property owners ( recognised as land lords) r in minority so their vote does not count, they can not take city to ransom like tax auto workers did, they can not collect few crores to pay to govt. to bureaucrats , the judiciary ( their case is hanging in supreme court because of ur meddling for over 25 years) and they get no raise.

Please remember here you may be a ruler but their is some one up there making your balance sheet. I don’t want to remind what happened to so many politicians and bureaucrats and their family for whom they amass wealth and make draconian policies.

garib banao (make poor) so u can get cheap labour is the present policy of your govt. Naxalites are wrong on their means but they mean to undo what you are doing.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.),
Marigold Hall,
Tholiya Bhavan,10th Road,Santacruz East,
Mumbai 400055

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