Friday, July 23, 2010

PARYAVARAN SURAKSHA SAMITI are horrified at the gruesome murder of Mr Amit Jethva

We the activists of PARYAVARAN SURAKSHA SAMITI are horrified at the gruesome murder of Mr. Amit Jethva, President of Gir Nature Youth Club, Khambha, District Amreli who had been raising the issue of illegal mining and other environmental issues in Junagadh area.

More shocking is the fact that the murder took place not only in a big, busy city but very close to Gujarat High Court and not very far from the seat of power in 'peaceful Gujarat. Perhaps the location of the crime spot explains who might be behind it as suspected by his immediate family.

The possible reasons and motive of the crime may never be properly investigated given the influence and reach of those alleged to be behind it but it is absolutely essential that civil society condemns this unequivocally and exerts sufficient pressure on the Police and higher authorities to carry out a fair and impartial inquiry, and trial of those guilty.

It has to be realised by one and all that settling disputes in this manner should not go unpunished. Even the powerful pay a heavy price for such acts in the medium and long run.

Anand Mazgaonkar
Michael Mazgaonkar
Swati Desai
Rajnibhai Dave

Rohit Prajapati
Trupti Shah
Ambrish Brahmbhatt
Kantibhai Mistry
Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti

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