Thursday, July 01, 2010

Political reservation an undemocratic discrimination

There are other ways around women reservation can be implemented without depriving others from their constitutional rights.

Often I become so much confused and ask myself, why the reservation is needed in India? and if necessary , which sections deserve it the most? and should it not be implemented so that it does not hurt others? is the current reservation system really fulfilling our basic purposes and motives substantially? if more reservation required? immediately in between this episode, my conscience interrupts and pours a no-no no-political reservation, repeatedly on thought’s battle and being a thinker my inner frustration of helplessness becomes battling with my own conscience, yes the sc/st/obc reservation was necessary and equitable for the social and economic uplift of those un-noticed, downtrodden, socially and economically weak sections of the society at that time, but it is very disappointing that the situations have not significantly changed till now by the running policies and rather these have veered the direction of Indian politics towards the castes, religions, regionalism and languages, and this non-directional politics is partitioning the Indian society in many isolated groups, such terrible situations are lingering danger to the future India.

I support reservation until unless it does not deprive others from pursuing their constitutional rights, and the implemented reservation and currently proposed women political reservation do the same, it hurts, it deprives others from their constitutional rights, yes I am talking about political reservation only. When the reservation is implemented in other sectors like education, jobs, it doesn’t affect others from achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams but the currently running and proposed women’s political reservation deprive many good leaders from becoming MP/MLA from their respective constituency for which they have worked and have feeling for, it will snatch the confidence and enthusiasm of the good leaders, it may mitigate the nationalist and patriotic feeling of good leaders and a bad indication for Indian politics.

Current political reservation system have resulted in poor leadership of our country and that poor leadership have given birth to many serious implications to our country and I don’t feel need to say all those problems and complications because we all are well aware of the current scenario. Proposed type of women’s reservation in politics will also be a major drawback and also hindrance in the development process, it will slow down the development process in India because of the low quality leadership, that we are suffering from last six decades, it was not my intention to say that women are not good leaders but the females who will reach assembly/parliament/upper house through reservation would be poor representation of our country.

Already more than 10 percent women are sitting in the parliament house and there are other ways around, this number can be increased without depriving others from their constitutional rights. This time in India women are equally talented and capable, they only need opportunities not such type of reservation, women are leading in many states, and the proposed type of reservation bill will worsen the political situations in future that will be decelerating the real development process. There are other ways around the gender equality can be achieved without barring anybody from their fundamental rights, this can be achieved if all political parties are forced to give at least 30 percent tickets to women candidates this will welcome women participating in politics and gradually develop their political skills and country would be having good quality leaders without exploiting others, some of you will be arguing that parties will be giving tickets to women from weak constituencies I totally disagree with this type of argument I feel this as an immature and sense less argument, this type of argument reinforce the politics of caste, religion, regionalism and language, in fair politics such type of situations don’t come. No seat is a weak seat for any candidate, saying any seat weak is like abusing the Indian voters as voters decide which candidate better deserves the seat and let Indian voter decide their leader freely, and by doing this we will be having plenty of good women candidates in assembly/parliament and also we will be having plenty of women raw material for future politics and it will be equitable to think for future, but now most of the political parties are supporting the current bill for vote politics and they are not at all concerned with contemporary real issues and serious flaws of the currently running system.

Citizens active participation and interfere in any decision is an urgent need of our country so that political parties or leaders wouldn’t pass the bad policies those are harmful for our country। One major drawback of this proposed bill that it will be beneficiary for the women from very well off family (corporate) as around 70% of women candidates in assembly/parliament/upper house are from millionaire families. Corporate supports political parties and hence politicians do for corporate sector and all the media belongs to corporate sector so the triangle corporate-politicians-media-corporate is sucking the 99% Indian public the basic reason for all the implications in developing process of our country.

Column by:
Kilkil Sachan
Graduate Student,
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

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