Monday, August 02, 2010


The allegations of corruption in the commonwealth games must have made millions of Indians who work honestly and look for a resurgent India to feel extremely frustrated and sad.

The allegations of corruption in the commonwealth games have received so much of international publicity that it would take several years for India to regain the reputation as a country with reasonable ethical and moral standards. The glory that the country gained due to Gandhian philosophy of truth have now been wiped out.

The cause of industrial and economic development of the country will suffer heavily in the coming years, as the quality investors from abroad will think that nothing can be done in India without adopting corrupt methods and would be apprehensive about dealing with Indians. Thousands of Indians working abroad in various countries will feel small and humiliated, as they may be looked down upon as a citizen of corrupt country.

It is true that incidents of corruption exist even in developed countries like Japan and United Kingdom. But, it has not gone to such depth and happened in such activities of organizing international events which any country would do with great sense of pride and patriotic urge.

One wonders as to why these politicians and bureaucrats go to such deplorable level of compromising with standards even in organizing such international events. Are they so heartless and dishonest that nothing matters to them but only wealth and money accumulation for themselves irrespective of the means adopted ?

Obviously, India today is suffering from crisis of leadership and it has become possible for anyone without any sense of commitment to the national cause to seize power and hold on to the power making the top administration a den of corruption.

In such circumstances, does this country have any future at all in spite of the fact that the country has been blessed in the past with towering personalities of great eminence like Mahatma Gandhi , Swami Vivekananda, Subramania Bharathy and others ?

The honourable Prime Minister of India who is the Chief Executive of this country is ultimately responsible for everything happening. He has the duty to do something with great sense of urgency , to arrest this trend of decay, atleast for the sake of the future generations of India.

Do we remember Lal Bahadur Shastri , the man of Gandhian standards, who quit when there was a railway accident at Ariyalur in Tamil Nadu, when he was sitting as Railway Minister at Delhi, owning moral responsibility for that unfortunate accident?

Article by:
N. S. Venkataraman
Member, Editorial Board - The Ground Report India
Member, National Advisory Board - The Ground Report India

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