Thursday, August 12, 2010

PEACE IN KASHMIR NOW - proposals by Dr. Leo Rebello

64th year of turmoil in Kashmir, due to blinkered vision, inept leadership, puny politics and corruption. We need permanent solutions. I offer, without prejudice, the following crystal clear blue print so that sanity returns to Kashmir once and for all.

(a) Peace loving Kashmiris should unite, serve a notice of intention on the State CM, Union Home Minister, Union Defense Minister, Prime Minister, that they would like to March Peacefully on 15th August, 2010, at the beginning of dawn, to present a Peace Memorandum to the President of India and put roses in the bayonets of various security personnel who are killing people in the name of restoring law and order in Kashmir.

(b) This Peace March will be led ONLY by women accompanied by small children of less than 10 years and hence the First Lady - the President of India should be present to welcome this Citizens Initiative and to receive the Peace Proposal of the People.

(c) Stone throwing mob who are paid Rs. 500 per day, per head, should NOT be allowed. Also, men folk and chest-thumping leaders of any political outfit should NOT be allowed in this exclusive March of women and children of J & K for Peace.

(d) If the President of India cannot attend such a historic event, then the Union Home Minister, or Union Defense Minister (both level headed leaders) and CM of J&K (who started well like Rajiv Gandhi but who is now becoming unpopular), Commanders of the Armed Forces, should receive the Flowers and People's Petition.

The People's Petition to restore Peace in Kashmir should, inter alia, state the following :-

On this solemn 64th Independence Day
* We the People of J & K declare our unequivocal unity with India.
* We will not shelter the Terrorists from across border or anyone trying to destroy our unity.
* We want India to recover POK and Aksai Chin from where all the problems are instigated by foreign powers.
* We want Peace and no terrorism and we will not allow our Heaven on Earth to turn into an open jail due to periodic curfews.
* We will not indulge in any disruptive activities and request Govts - both state and the union to help us in this resolve, by immediately arresting all suspected
terrorists / leaders who instigate and by withdrawing unnecessary army personnel.

This we resolve and demand on 15th August 2010 -- our 64th Independence Day.

This Appeal should be signed by the prominent apolitical women's leaders of (Hindu) Jammu, (Muslim) Kashmir and (largely Buddhist) Leh and Ladakh.

After unfurling the Tiranga, the President of India or the Union Home Minister and CM of J & K should receive this memorandum and read it out to the world media, and assure the people of Kashmir publicly on our 64th Independence Day that we permanently dump the divide and rule policy and make a new beginning.

Article by:
Prof. Dr. Leo Rebello
World Peace Envoy
Member, International Advisory Board- The Ground Report India

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