Friday, September 24, 2010


Dr. Manmohan Singh's government is the cause for the humiliation faced by the country , with the Commonwealth Games village being termed as filthy by no less a person than the Chief Executive of the Commonwealth Games Federation. Millions of Indians feel bitter about this and think that they deserve better.

One wonders as to what sort of administration we have. One would also wonder as to whether any one would be made accountable at all for such distressing situation. Given by the past record, everyone responsible may go scot free , leaving the helpless country men fretting and fuming.

The game would somehow .take place and the government would claim it to be a great success. Then, the media would jump to the next scandal . Those responsible for all the misdeeds of the commonwealth game will have the last laugh.

It causes extreme sadness to me that our great nation is now under the vice like grip of the corrupt and dishonest politicians and bureaucrats. Is there no salvation at all for our country ?

It is often said in the past that the only way to restore quality and standards in the Government in India is by honest and good people entering into the Parliament and restoring the glorious standards that the country deserve. But, the electoral system and procedures are such that the corrupt people now always win by indulging in corrupt and malpractices. I myself , a Chemical engineer and a social activist, contested in the south Chennai Parliamentary constituency in 2009 Parliamentary elections and lost heavily. I contested the election with the objective of restoring Gandhian standards without money power and muscle power. I fixed Rs. 3 lakhs as my election expense and spent only so much. The result is there to see for all of us.

The question is how long should the well meaning and well intentioned citizens should remain , helplessly commenting at the scenario from distance, while the corrupt people remain in the centre stage and merrily make money for themselves and their family members and enjoy as if they are kings and queens.

Probably , Mahatma Gandhi if he were alive, would have gone to the street and would have tried to paralyse the government to drive sense into it. But, today’s government would have sent police and army to beat the agitators, arrest them and silence them. This is the fear of the angry good people in India today, who are forced to remain as arm chair critics.

Is the commonwealth games the last straw on the camel’s back ?


N S Venkataraman

Chennai, Tamilnadu

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