Thursday, September 30, 2010


The Supreme court has ordered and the Government of India has agreed that the poorly stored food grains (may be rotten and not fit for human consumption) should be distributed to the people living below poverty line.

The Supreme Court has not suggested and the Government of India has also not thought it necessary that these grains should be tested and certified before being distributed to the poor people. Obviously, we seem to be becoming an insensitive society.

The question uppermost in my mind is that the Government is taking the poor people for granted .

Will the judges, the Prime Minister and Food minister eat the same grains that they distribute to the poor?

The national fall in Gandhian standards will become clearly evident, when we realise that Mahatma Gandhi would have come forward to eat this food grain with the poor people but not those who are in the helm of affairs in the country today.

The poor people live in unhygienic conditions and suffer due to lack of nutrition and are vulnerable to disease. The poorly stored food grains would certainly be bitten by rats and would contain poisonous elements due to fermentation. Distributing such food grains to the poor people is not only insensitive but also inhuman. The poor people live in vulnerable conditions and they do not have the strength to protest and they will meekly submit and take what ever the Government would give them.

The concerned citizens and the intelligentsia should understand the grave nature of the situation and express their disgust in a way that it would reach the ears of the Government of India and Union Food Minister in particular.


N. S. Venkataraman

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