Monday, October 18, 2010

My dear Buffalos and cows pl. coperate as men and women can not........: by Alok Tholiya

Confidential mail to all milk producing animals. Pl. fwd to them if it reaches you by mistake:

Pl.note that Diwali has come. The demand for sweets and other milk products will be 100 times more then the normal time. So u will have to work over time and produce 100 times more milk so we can have more ghee, milk shakes,butter, sweets, milk chokelets, bengali sweets, rabdi etc.etc..

I have been making this request to you, The hon. cows and buffelows for years but you have totally failed to comply with my requests.Why dont u undestand that now our modern house wives dont want to make sweets and snacks for diwali at home. Also pl. understand our bureacrts from FDA, weights and measuremnts,anti adultration dept, quality control dept have diwali too. They want huge bribes for another posh bunglow,foreign travel, gold purchase etc etc so then they r coxing vyapari to produce bogus mava,adultare milk and ghee etc.etc. Why dont y realise so many children, women, old and others will be falling sick,having gastro problem, infections,hyper acidity due to bad quality of mass food production and bad hygine in all these places of manufecture and bad hygine of laboureres where diwali food items r produced but packed in very attrcative boxes and sold from well decorated shops. So whatever the consequnces but sweets will be distributed/ gifted and eaten.

We have also imported hundreds of containers of sweets (though of veru unhealthy quality) from China.It helps importers,customs officers and doctors and hospitals in becoming rich but more then that it makes China rich who wants to take over Arunachala pradesh and other areas).

Pl. note that when educated man women dont understand then you as good animal should underst. I once again call upon you with folded hands to produce 100 times more milk then your daily capacity. Pl. bear with the modern diwali celebrities and house wives who can not understand and will continue to poison near and dear ones by buying and distibuting adultereted sweets and snacks.

Media will be happy to cover the sad news aftereffects of diwali and not of cautioning to avoid accidents and illness.

So u see so many people benefit.

Pl. excuse as no time for improving this mail as family is waiting for lunch for half an hour.

Thanks and Regards,


Alok Tholiya



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