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One has heard so much about Genetically Modified Organisms, Seeds and Plants. Much money has been spent on research and validation processes and a few nations have given a green signal for the growing of some GM plants and their sale for consumption to citizens. Maise or Corn is one GM item.

Here are two pictures (31a and 32a) which show natural Maise or Corn, as it used to be. It is rarely available now, these pictures were recently taken in California, USA. This Corn was widely grown and consumed in the distant past before the native Americans were over run by the settlers from Europe, over two centuries ago. Even today in late-2010 CE, a small bunch is sold for USD 2.00. It is a 'hardy plant', grew 'wild' and did not require any special process for its planting or harvesting in the early day farms. Some selection processes did occur due to want of desired characteristics ... but these were carried out through natural cross-pollination methods and selective planting of desired seeds.

Here is another picture of the 'modern GM corn' which has undergone a vast change in appearance, taste, nutruent, growth processes and cost. Notice this new variety now requires additional fertilizers, pesticides, water and power and special seeds. All this comes at enhanced cost. Currently, it sells for USD 5.00 for the same small bunch as the original variety. So a USD 2 product is commonly sold for USD 5 to the Consumers. Episodic reports of collateral damage due to this GM Corn keep appearing in the media.

One wonders at this 'progress in bio-tech' from the Consumers point of view. It seems, much money and resources have been spent by Governments and Corporates with a aim of maximizing yields, quality and profits. While these aims are not anti-social, the methods used are counter-nature. Natural selection has evolved methods over milliions of years of natural testing and are verifiably suitable for humans, animals and all living things.

The current GM methods involve cross-species gene manipulations, bacteria-plants for example, which may not be satisfactory for humans or all living things. A decade long study and trials do not expose collateral issues. Recent hundred years of science and technology have exposed the disasters of asbeshtosh, tobacco, thalidomide, aluminium utensils, even teflon coated and stainless utensils, lead metal contamination, etc. This list can go on, especially the great drug discoveries in the pharma space which usually get rejected within five years of use.

Great caution needs to be exhibited, may be fifty years of global study, before exposing nature and living creatures to these new products. A good way would be to label all products containing GM constituents for public consumption, denial of patenting for all edible products and introduce citizen monitoring of all related research and trials. We must not forget bio-diversity, greed of corporates to maximise profits at any cost, corporate subsidised public research, collateral effects, etc. Earth is still the only home to almsot seven billion humans and millions of other species of living organisms.

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