Sunday, October 03, 2010

Koyapad The Bastar Band protecting tribal music & instruments from extinction

Koyapad the Bastar Band was formed by Anoop Ranjan Pandey, Chhattisgarh with the support by local tribal youth and others to protect traditional tribal music & instruments from extinction. All instruments, all clothes and other stuffs used in the Koyapad the Bastar Band are made by local tribals themselves by hands. Many team members of the Koyapad the Bastar Band belong to the remote tribal villages of Bastar region, Chhattisgarh. Majority of these team members kept their legs outside their villages first time in the life when they travelled for performance also they saw trains first time in the life. Mostly of them are illiterate.

Photo Album:

The team of Koyapad the Bastar Band:

Maya Sori, Ludho Sori, Kosa Deva, Budhram Sori, Faaguram Bhogami, Neeluram Baghel, Srinath Naag, Kamal Singh Baghel, Samaruram Naag, Ramlal Kashyap, Babulal Baghel, Sahadur Naag, Sartaj Dugga, Jugo Salam, Chander Salam, Laxman Dugga, Kajju Salam, Babulal Sori, Laxuram Sori, Vikram Yadav, Purushottam Chandrakar, Lakseswar Khudram, Rupsa Solam, Padma Tati, Vinod Sori, Dashuram Korram, Laxmi Sori, Ramnarendra, Rakesh Tiwari, Ashmita Pandey and Anoop Ranjan Pandey.

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