Friday, December 17, 2010

Bravo, Bangladesh!

Within a few years of the independence of Bangladesh, the dreams and aspirations of the leaders of the freedom movement were shattered with murder of the founder of the nascent nation. Autocratic military rule replaced democracy, and religious, cultural and political intolerance began to flourish.

Recently, however, some bold changes have been initiated to reverse the course. Most important among them are the verdicts of the nation’s Supreme Court, which have restored constitutional democracy in Bangladesh.

Also, the current government has started to mend bilateral relations and to improve connectivity and trade with its neighbors. Particularly, its relationship with India, which had hit a low point just a few years ago, is on the upswing, with obvious benefits to both sides.

Besides, attempts to foster the rule of law and peaceful coexistence once again are on the upswing.

But the leaders of the two major political parties are still continuing their long-running feud, which has benefitted neither them, nor the nation. Let us hope and pray that they have the courage and wisdom to set-aside their egoism and attend to the welfare for their peoples.


Dr. Pritam K Rohila

Executive Director,

the Association for Communal Harmony in Asia


He can be reached ay

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