Friday, December 10, 2010


New Delhi,

The Deputu Chairman of Rajya Sabha K. Rehman Kahn emphasising upon the importance of education and its advantages said that after sixty years of India independence the Muslims are in a regrettable position but we are ourselves responsible for it because we did not take account honestly on the educational front. Now time has come that we should go introvert and make our motive of life to attain education.

A seminar held on the topic of importance of education Maulna Azad being the architect of education in independent India, K. Rehman Khan elaborated the thoughts of Maulna Azad and said that Maulana Azad added to the India Human Resources Develpoment and his views have prevailed in this field. Maulana Azad had in view the common civilisation of India and the intensity of this feeling was that during the freedom struggle he always preferred Hindu Muslim Unity. Consequently, after partitio of India he ensured the partnership of Muslims and wished to see the Muslims inclined towards education. The seminar was presided over by Central minister, Farooq Abdullah and conducted by Kahlid Anwer, the editor of Hamara Samaj. Senior Congress leader Dig Vijay Singh in view of the recent terrorists’ incidence said that govt. must keep strict vigil on such elements that are spreading Communal hatred in the country. Hindu Muslim Unity is essential for the progress of the Country and Maulna Azad symbolised this Unity.

We must go together then the motive will be attained. Mohsina Qidwai, MP also emphasised upon education and that most of the problems can be solved by awareness of education. She said that we must acquire religious knowledge as no religion allows terrorism and gives a message of Peace. Whenever we talk of these problems of Muslims no practical steps are taken and rather remain only in the form of slogans.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah appealed that Maulna Azad should not be ignored like Urdu. As Urdu is not only the language of Muslims similarly Maulana was also the leader of the whole country. It is a regrettable fact that after 60 years of Independence the Muslims are looked upon with suspicion. Maulana Azad devoted extensive time to remove the hatred in the country. He also said that no Muslim Political Leader could emerge after Maulana Azad and Rafi Ahmed Qidwai. Non Emerging of Muslim leaders is to some extent due to their own accord. Maulana Azad performed important roles but the later leaders turned indifferent which needs to be changed.

Dr. Hameedullah Bhatt said that Maulana Azad is the symbol of free thinking and the society deserves changes. Other dignitaries also addressed the Seminar and important persons participated in the Seminar. Most of them described that Maulana Azad while being in the crowd did not endorse any wrong decision of the mob. The same sense is needed now.



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