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An inter-institute meeting held on 24.5.2011 at AIIMS at 8 pm pertaining proposed Lokpal Bill drafts

AIIMS, New Delhi

An inter-institute meeting held on 24.5.2011 at AIIMS at 8 pm pertaining proposed Lokpal Bill drafts - framing concept of a knowledge base for the same and must institutionalized review of the process of Lokpal Bill construction

Meeting report on Lokpal Bill process- We recommend a must review of the framed Lokpal Bill Draft by a panel of experts from the concerned institutes before its presentation in the Parliament . We demand a feedback system by govts answering to the citizen and a knowledge base for the proposed Lokpal Bill Committee - Its a preliminary report only . A proofed synthesis will be issued soon in different vernaculars and reviews will be sought from our campuses , orgs and citizens before submitting it to the concerned authorities of govt. We will also put the proofed report on notice boards of the institutes and different web media to collect a generalized review.

Points discussed- A post meet report of Inter-institute knowledge network
Concept of a universalized watching body to look after respect of processes by the govt agency and a book of criterion for the same - We are asking a citizen his own view on this as we are facing the crude reality while an operational work that there is a legal agency for execution , investigation and prosecution but there is no centralized system which can watch their faults in work and could warn them in real time for alleged violation of the prescribed process or recommend to a concerned agency with report of such violation of prescribed norms by an alleged agency to investigate against it or to prosecute it . But we are suggesting to delimit this suggested agency to the role of watching, reporting and certification only otherwise it will get an unnecessary chance to gain its own benefit and that will turn it into a blackmailer system as per opportunity . Now question is whether this delimited system will be sufficient to block an alleged corruption ? Yes , it may work well but it should be knowledge based first , as the Ethical Clearance Committee of our institutes , we have to be pure in their eyes and have to report them must and other reviewing bodies of our institutes to make a certified research . But nothing will work in a democratic system although its genuinely framed if its citizens are not conscious , so answer is hidden here only .

A guaranteed feedback system for the inquiries and critics of the citizens - We are recommending Right To Answer as a step next to the RTI , believe us, if you need one thing to block all craps in the country , then you must have an authorized feedback system . We promise to be the guide of the people to gain this right legally in near future.

A central coordination body and more decentralized models of the same for inter-coordination between govt agencies- Yes it will bring a will in the system , without it the system is as its without a soul so its lazy and unwilling. But again here public participation is must . If you are afraid of loosing a thing , only you will have to care for it and again there will be no coordination , if we don't have a high-technology information system. We need to be fast with the help of technology , its wisdom of the moment.

Talking on the meaning of autonomy for a govt agency and question of the sovereignty- No one should interfere in the specialized work of a legal agency .A simple violation of this universal ethics will put sovereignty of an alleged agency at stack , but an other agency can work as watching body to it , looking into the obedience to the prescribed criterion by the noted agency , reporting agency even may ask information from the noted agency on its attitude to the prescribed process. And a gradient of knowledge or order must be maintained in such committee. You can't put a judge in the same position as a legislative but you can put faculties of different stream in the same panel . So we are suggesting an institutional body incorporating different streams as Lokpal Committee rather than an haphazard mixture of all different gradient experts with representative . Again in our view each one should be accountable to such committee either chief justice or president but there should be a precautioned process to check an unreasoned blaming of such authorities in advance to limit the chance of an abrupt loss of confidence of the systems due to an faulty decision which is rather usual in a democratic system.
A knowledge base framed with institutes to research and guide for the correction criterion rather than using popular methods to guide the agencies- Yes , a formulation of the criterion should be knowledge based and the criterion should be framed by institutions and not by right activists or public representatives or mere law agencies or very chance is it will be a popular solution to the problem rather than a treatment.

Evolution of the real model of Lokpal by developing it on the third stage government level mean Panchayats and Municipalities- Oldest democracies of the India were reported to follow it , a Lokpal should be near to the people and not the capital of the nation . or it would have little worth practically. But a centralized nodal point for that is must which may have authoritative value to connect it to the ground. If you do this , you will get thousands of self- willed Lokpal keeping an eye on each legal process constantly.

Report by:
Dr Ashu

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