Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Police officers involved in shaving off the beard should be brought to book


The Muslim young man Rizwan, S/o Khairati whgose beard was shaved off by the Police Officers, the action against those Police officers is not enoUGH that they should be tansferred rather they should be brought to book for blasphemy against islam and a case be registered under the Constitution of India so that no one dares to do so in future. This is the demand of the Bijnaur residents.

The Imam of Jama Masjid Bijnaur maulana Anwaar ul Haq led a massive demonstration. A press Conference was called at 11 am yesterday after which the responsible persons of the city will go on protest. He said that the matter of Rizwan should be investigated by judiciary because the alleged murder case is baseless in which Rizwan has been implicated. This has been demanded even by the deceased in Bijnaur and they wanted the real perpetrator. It has come to light that the killers of the person named Ameesh were without beard adn may be the Police got the beard of Rizwan shaved off for this purpose.

The maulana demanded that IG Badri Prasad must submit a written apology to the Muslims. The iG Range of moradabad also expressed regret and the people demandeed legal action against those police officers who made this mistake. In case our demand is not fulfilled then strike and demonstrations will be held. The Convenor of babri Masjid Action Committee together with more than two dozens of political, social leaders met IG Badri prasad. The delgation told the IG that a false and baseless case has been registered against Rizwan and sent him to prison. Moreover he was further tortured b shaving off his beard. This incident has hurt the Muslims seriously.Deand has been made that the case against Rizwan should be withdrawn.

Warning has been issued that the action must be taken immediately and failure to do so the demonstrations and strikes shall follow. The Important persons along with Political leaders have joined hands in this matter. Imam Syed Bukhari has also contacted the IG. Imam Bukhari will go to meet Rizwan in jail. The Minority sector of BJP whose General Secy. Zaheer Ahmed also held a meeting in which shaving his beard was condemned seriously.