Friday, May 06, 2011

Under Trial Prisoners has to purchase medicine from outside

West Bengal

Particulars of the victims:-

(1) Mr. Rejaul Molla, son of Mr. Gulmajan Molla, by faith-Muslim, aged about-50years; (2) Mr. Gulmajan Molla, son of Late Hazrat Molla, by faith-Muslim, aged about-75 years; (3) Ms. Manjuma Molla, wife of Mr. Gulmajan Molla, by faith-Muslim, aged about- 62 years; all of village-Durlaverpara, Post Office-Choapara, Police Station-Jalangi, District-Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.

Particulars of the perpetrators: -

(1) the Superintendent of Berhampur Central Correctional Home, Murshidabad; (2) the Medical Officer of Berhampur Central Correctional Home, Murshidabad; (3) The Medical Subordinate and other involved staffs of the said correctional home.

Place of incident: -

Berhampur Central Correctional Home, Murshidabad

Case Details:-

It is revealed during fact finding that the victims are under trial prisoners presently detained at Berhampur Central Correctional Home, Berhampur. They are accused persons in a criminal case being Jalangi Police Station Case no. 98/2009 dated 9.4.2009. They filed several applications for bail in the court but the same was not allowed. Due to prolonged detention in prison they became affected with different types of chronic ailments.

The victims did not get proper treatment in prison. The attending doctor often handed over medical prescription to the family members of the victims to arrange the medicines written on the prescription from outside market. The family members of the victims had no option but to buy the medicines prescribed on the prescription issued by the doctor of the aforesaid correctional home. The jail authority completely failed to provide the medicines from its own stock for the treatment of the victims.

Such irregularities in the jail came to fore when the condition of the victims in prison was published in a leading daily English news paper on 31 January 2011. This publication of news on the condition of the victims in newspaper caused anger towards the victims by the jail authorities. The jail authorities soon started causing mental torture upon the victim by adopting various conspicuous means. The victims told such things to their family members upon meeting in the said correctional home on different times. Even the jail authority completely stopped providing medicines either from its own source or outside.

The physical and mental condition of the victims soon became worse and one of them namely Mr. Rejaul Molla was admitted at Berhampur Sadar Hospital on 2 February 2011.

The victim’s family lodged complaint against the jail authorities before the Minister-in-Charge, Department of Correctional Home and Social Development, Govt. of West Bengal; The District Magistrate, Murshidabad, the Additional Director General of Correctional Home, West Bengal and the District Judge, District Judges’ Court, Berhampur. The authorities duly received the written complaint of the victim’s family.

Though the victim’s family members tried to bring the attention on the condition of the victims in prison by lodging complaint before the aforesaid authorities, but till date there has been no relief to the victims. Berhampur Central Correctional Home has been running under severe irregularities which are evident from the present pathetic condition of the victims.

Report By:

Kirity Roy

Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha (MASUM)