Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Death of Democracy and Human Rights in India

Beginning midnight June 4, 2011, the capital of India, Delhi, witnessed the barbaric actions of the government exerted upon hundreds of thousands of peaceful Satyagrahis assembled at that time, sleeping in the Ram Lila ground tents. The brutality of the police towards thousands of innocent resting people, including children and women, revisited the atrocities committed by British rulers at Jallianwala Bagh. The people assembled were gassed, lathi-charged and trampled by thousands of policemen. Baba Ramdev was taken away to an unknown destination by the police. The people who had come from villages, towns and various long distances were asked to leave the grounds immediately, at 2 o’clock in the morning. This cannot be a Democratic India; this cannot be Mahatma Gandhi’s India; this is not India governed by of rule of law and a democratic constitution, ensuring the fundamental rights of all. These were the actions of people in power who do not believe in Indian values, the values of Mahatma Gandhi, and the declaration of individual human rights. India, which always gave shelter to the needy and helpless, was humiliated by the devilish acts of ignoble and arrogant rulers of the day. It was an act of treachery upon Baba Ramdev and his followers, who had come to present their demands against rampant corruption in India.

These cruel actions reminded us of the days of the 1975 emergency. Unfortunately, these brutalities were committed upon unarmed and resting people within close proximity of the Mahatma Gandhi Samadhi. We, the people of Indian Origin all over the world are deeply depressed, embarrassed and pained by this vulgar display of naked power. No justification of any kind can condone these vicious actions.

The Indian Diaspora condemns it. We urge everybody to join in the movement to restore democracy and civility in India. Let us be united in expressing our disgust and anger about the death of democracy and human rights within the country. We hope Baba Ramdev ji is not further harmed in any way.

Bhishma K. Agnihotri

Chairman | Bharat Swabhiman Overseas

President | Friends of India International

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  1. Hi Every Patriotic Indian,

    I am an ex IITian and in fact, Founder Board Member of PanIIT, India. We are a non-political organisation. And I also happen to be an Ex Commander of the Indian Navy. And a dedicated soldier of India.
    But people like me can't be silent spectators of the terror unleashed on the peaceful protest of Baba Ramdev's supporters during the midnight yesterday.

    I request all the right thinking people who believe in democracy to issue statements that they are for tough measures against corruption and support all such movements by the likes of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev.

    The simple peaceful people can't sit silently anymore and be mere meek spectators.

    We have to rise to the occasion and support such nationalistic and patriotic movements. And we should condemn the way the peaceful protest has been crushed on the innocent ladies, children and folks from all over India.

    This wrong step by the present Govt may prove to be a death knell for them. Let all the right thinking people condemn it in the severest possible way irrespective of their some differences with Baba Ramdev or Anna ji.

    Commander VK Jaitly


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