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11, 12 & 13 November, 2011 Peoples SAARC Conference of Nature-Human Centric Peoples Movement

Jaipur, Rajasthan

The need of Peoples SAARC Conference of Nature-Human Centric Peoples Movement can be understood by looking at the existing fundamental reality of the official SAARC. And this fundamental reality is that South Asia today has become the most dangerous area of the World where the World faces the threat of the extinction of all forms of life in case of Indo-Pak nuclear war which can occur at any moment because Indo-Pak border skirmishes have been a regular feature of Indo-Pak border.

At the present juncture, the South Asian Nations, like all other trading blocks in the World, have been caught in a 2-dimensional crisis i.e., environmental degradation in general and each of its components in particular, on the one hand, and the crisis of dehumanization of the present human society (called a "free and open democracy" with its over 2 centuries old theory and practice) in general and each of its social aspects [i.e., sociological (or ideological or theoritical) vision or standpoint; peoples belief and motivation; human gender relations and proportion of sexes; political performance covering its international, national and local aspects; economic progress dealing with its international, natioanl and local features and cultural ethics relating to all its components, i.e., education, science and technology, language, art (music, dance, drama, architecture, sculpture, painting, crafts, etc.) behaviour, manner of speech, dress etc.] on the other.

Environmental degradation expressed by global warming or climate change is the biggest challenge that the human community is now facing on this Earth. The crises is so serious that either the human community overcomes it immediately, or it will devour the human community and finish it for ever. The time at our disposal is very, very, very small.

According to the whole World scientific community organized within the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC). The size or proportion of GHGs was 280 PPM (Part per million) in 1750 and it is 379 PPM in 2007. It is far greater than the natural increase from 180 PPM to 300 PPM over the last 650,000 years. Now the global temperature is 0.76 centigrade high. The World has less than a decade to change course. According to them, if the human community did not change its course by 2020, the crises of climate change will become irreversible and thus after very short time the human community along with the entire bio-life on this Earth will go out of existence.

Climate change is not a market problem. It is an existential problem. It can not be solved by market means. Corporate World makes it a market problem. Climate change problem demands that polluters immediately stop the production of GHGs.

Nature-Human Centric Peoples Movement believes that the ongoing fatal environmental and social crisis is an outcome of the corporate theory of capital whose 2 facets, i.e. Western capitalism and Marxian communism, are one in holding capital as the supreme thing in society, which constantly misuses and over-uses environmental and human resources to achieve the maximum profit. It (i.e., Nature-Human Centric Peoples Movement) firmly holds that the way out of the present life and death crisis lies in motivating and mobilizing the people for a peaceful transformation of the present corporate capitalist system (now operating in all the nation states) into a Nature-Human Centric System which consciously regards that the most precious thing in society comprises environmental and human resources and not the money capital. Hence, according to it, the development, progress and prosperity in society should be judged by the promotion of nature- human resources. Capital money or wealth, according to it, is merely a medium of exchange and nothing more. By falsifying the capital (i.e., money or wealth) as the personification of development, progress and prosperity, the corporate capitalist theoreticians have devised a system which ruthlessly destroys the environmental resources and violently and mercilessly exploits the human resources.

Obviously, the transformation of the present corporate capitalist order into a Nature Human Centric Order is an urgent need of our times. The sooner it is done the better.

The different aspect of this agenda will be discussed in coming peoples SAARC Conference. A separate document will be provided to delegates and participants.

All other informations concerning this Conference are as below:


'Gandhi Bhawan', Khadi gramodyog Sanstha Sangh, Bajaj Nagar, Near Gandhi Nagar Railway Station, Jaipur (Rajasthan) India.

Nature-Human Centric Peoples Movement, India

Postal Address:
Sajjan Kumar, C/o Tejpal Singh, 9/702, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur (Raj.) India

0091-9478231558, 9001826467, Fax : 0091-141-2379713, 2720870

E-mails: and


  • Tejpal Singh, Mobile 0091-9461203588, 9413341304, 9829526446,
  • Sukhdev Singh 0091-9915342232,
  • Rooplal Makhnotra 0091-9419116969
  • Jawahar Lal 0091-9414131481
  • Manna Ram Dangi 0091-9414927387,
  • Vipin Chandra 0091-151-2521869
  • Mani Ram Pooniya 0091-9269870589,
  • Jasveer Kaur Pandher 0091-9464661998
  • Maghar Singh 0091-1679-238037,
  • Gurdial Singh Sheetal-9417195538,
  • Ghanshyam Democrat 0091-9414864548

In this Study Circle further discussion will be conducted for expansion Nature-Human Centric Peoples Movement in SAARC countries and World. Delegates who want to participate in Study Circle, please inform in time to Sajjan Kumar.


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