Friday, July 15, 2011

Appeal by Lok Adhikar, Delhi


'Lok Adhikar' is a non-government no-profit organization. Since 2002, it has been working amongst rag-pickers in various localities of Delhi. Most rag-pickers in Delhi happen to be migrant laborers from Bengal, Bihar, Assam or Uttar Pradesh. Many happen to be members of the minority community. 'Lok Adhikar' has organized a union of rag-pickers in different localities of Delhi. It is called 'Kabaddi Kamgar Union'. Ever since 2009, when big industrial houses started dirtying their hands in solid waste
management, the livelihood of rag-picking workers is being increasingly threatened. In this new situation, our organization in Rohini zone, started observing that large numbers of children are entering the rag-picking profession. Earlier one member of the family working as a rag-picker could somehow make ends meet, and parents used to send their children to school. But ever since 2009, the situation changed dramatically with the entry of private companies into the waste management business.

Today parents themselves send their children on rag-picking errands because the family can not make ends meet. Given this new situation, our organization decided to set up a 'center' for rag-picker/'s children where alongside their work these children would be acquainted with other happenings/things in the world. The center will attempt to bring these children into the ambit of education, health and cultural activities. The objective of the center is to arouse the interest of rag-pickers in the world, in education and in health so that they may have a better future. As part of its resource mobilization drive our organization has decided to appeal to people to donate old papers, books, notebooks, old clothes etc.

The organization lacks institutional support, therefore all kinds of scrap collected from such donations
would be sold in order to finance the work of this or future centres.

All voluteers interested in making monetary contributions to the work of Lok Adhikar should e-mail at the following address

Appeal by:
Dharmender Yadav
99680 05632

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