Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Pritam K. Rohila, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA) &

Peace is more than non-enmity between nations. It also means a nation, where public officials carry out their responsibilities effectively, efficiently and ethically to ensure that citizens live amicably with each other and with a sense of security for themselves and their children.

Corruption is antithetical to peace in this sense. It weakens all structures of society and government, as well as character of people.

Lust for more money, more power, and more influence is a common human frailty. But regardless of their professed faith, South Asians appear to be very devoted to the gods of lust and greed, which lies at the root of corruption. Corruption is based on a desire to achieve one's objective regardless of what happens to others.

To check corruption, we do not need more laws, but sincere enforcement of the laws that already exist. And most of all, we need education in good citizenship and ethics.

In this context, perhaps we should invoke Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative, which demands that before we do anything, we should think what will happen to the society, if everyone else acts in the same way.

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