Thursday, December 01, 2011

Santhal youth illegally detained for 170 hours in police custody

Name of the victim-Mr. Gautam Tudu, son of Mr.Surendranath Tudu, a resident of Laxmanpur village, P0-Korkora,Police Station-Binpur, in Jhargram, in the district of West Midnapur, West Bengal, India.

Perpetrators- The involved police personnel of Jhargram police station and the involved jawans of the Joint Force operating in Jhargram.

Date and time of the incident-On 18.10.11 at around 12 noon

Place of incident-In Jhargram, at Dr. Sanjay Nandi’s nursing home.  

Case Details- On 18.10.11 at around 11am, Mr.Gautam Tudu, went to meet his wife in Dr. Nandy’s nursing home who was admitted there. The police personnel from Jhargram police station along with the involved jawans of the Joint Force came to Dr.Sanjoy Nandi’s nursing home and arrested Mr.Gautam Tudu at around 12 noon. . The police arrested him without issuing any ‘memo of arrest’ and did not disclose any reason of arresting him. They did not even inform any of his family members of his arrest. Later, people at the nursing home informed Mr.Gautam Tudu’s family about his arrest and asked his family members to contact the police of Jhargram police station. Mr.Surendra Tudu who is the father of Mr.Gautam Tudu went to the Jhargram police station, on 18.10.11 in the evening. The police told him that they don’t know his son or his son’s whereabouts. On 19.10.11, in the morning time, Mr.Surendra Tudu again went to the police station. But the police almost threw him out of the police station. Then, Mr.Surendra Tudu lodged a complaint  to Sub Divisional Officer (SDO), Jhargram, on 19 October 2011 about the illegal detention of his son from 19.10.11. The police produced Mr.Gautam Tudu in court at around 2pm on 24.10.11, after detaining him in custody for 170 hours. None of his family members could meet him nor any advocate was allowed, while he was kept in the police station.
The victim was implicated in a criminal case initiated by the police in Binpur police station vide case no-81 of 2011 dated 14.9.11 under sections 447/286/120B of Indian Penal Code and under section  3 & 4 of Explosive Substances Act. It appears from the particulars of the First Information Report that it was primarily initiated against ‘unknown miscreants’ and the said FIR allegedly involve some Maoist activism. Therefore the intention of the police of Binpur police station is clear that the police are trying to relate the victim to Maoist activism by implicating him in an old pending criminal case as stated above.

Report by:
Kirity Roy

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