Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Demand for 10-Fold Increase on Women’s Safety in Budget 2013-14 by ASSOCHAM Ladies League

February 26, 2013, New Delhi: 

At an urgent press conference held in New Delhi, ASSOCHAM Ladies League demanded for massive allocations of funds in Budget 2013-14 for women’s issues, as what is coming via news and views is not enough. Dr. Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson, ASSOCHAM Ladies League (ALL) said, “We are making an urgent and earnest appeal to Hon’ble Finance Minister to increase allocations for women’s issues in the budget. We demand a tenfold increase in outlay on women’s safety and not just doubling up from the last year’s expenditure.” She further added, “This is the last budget of the current Government and it must turn out to be a landmark budget for women empowerment in our country. This is the time when the government needs to take a multi-pronged, long term approach for empowering women. Therefore, there is an immediate need to take a big step in this direction and make a clear statement to women citizens, by way of generous allocations to various parameters that empower women, like their safety, education, health, digital inclusion, and employment.” 

Releasing a 32-points recommendations to the Government of India titled, “Budget 2013-14: Recommendations by ASSOCHAM Ladies League for Allocating Funds for Women’s Issues in Parameters that Empower Women,” Ms. Alka Lamba, Committee Chairperson, Social Justice, ALL and Youth Congress Leader said, “We urge for far-reaching allocations for scholarships for girl students as well as adding more technical & vocation courses for them.” Ms. Indra Bansal, a noted CA, asked for budgetary allocation for fair compensation to victims of abuse, attack and rape. 

Other Key Recommendations: 
ASSOCHAM Ladies League has made other important recommendations which should be included in the Budget 2013-14. These include: 
  1. Allocation of additional funds for more PCR vans for intense patrolling, in order to create fear in law-breaking minds and allow women and citizens live with a sense of security and more faith in the police.
  2. Allocation of funds for self-defense training program for girls in schools. 
  3. Increase in fund for constructing more separate toilets for girl students in primary and secondary schools. 
  4. Providing funds for conducting training programs at school and college levels to empower students and teachers to run gender-based anti-violence projects within schools. 
  5. Audit of education infrastructure in reference to specific needs of girls. 
  6. Allocation of fund for constructing more hostels for girl students in universities and colleges as well as working women’s hostel. 
  7. Allocation of more funds for creating shelter homes for women victims of domestic violence and other abuses. 
  8. Increase in allocation for raising employability through effective spoken English Teaching and Communication Skills in Government Schools. 
  9. Increase in grants to universities for conducting Intensive Training Program to sensitize the Police Force. 
  10. Providing fund to invest in technology for prompt aid to women. 
  11. Allocation of fund for creating employment opportunities in backward and rural areas through SMEs, cottage industries and industry linkages to check in-migration to metropolitan cities. 
  12. Allocating massive outlay of funds for the digital inclusion of women and youth. 

About ASSOCHAM Ladies League (ALL) 
ASSOCHAM Ladies League (ALL) is an eminent and global all-ladies league to facilitate and fortify robust participation of women in business, society and economy. ALL works for creating a positive and progressive mindset toward women as well as supporting education activities in rural areas to help women address their local challenges and concerns. It is also promoting women’s entrepreneurship and presence of women in various echelons of business and corporates worldwide. ALL operates in an open and world-engaging way, inviting maximum participation from women across the globe. It has 12 Chapters in India and around the world. ALL has also instituted ALL Women Achievers Award to honor women from a wide cross-section of society. (For more details about ALL, visit www.aall.in) 

ASSOCHAM initiated its endeavor of value creation for Indian industry in 1920. Having in its fold more than 350 Chambers and Trade Associations, it serves more than 0.4 million members from all over India. It has witnessed upswings as well as upheavals of Indian Economy, and contributed significantly by playing a catalytic role in shaping up the Trade, Commerce and Industrial environment of the country. Today, ASSOCHAM has emerged as the fountainhead of Knowledge for Indian industry, which is all set to redefine the dynamics of growth and development in the technology driven cyber age of 'Knowledge Based Economy'. (For more details about ASSOCHAM, visit www.assocham.org)

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