Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A new Initiative about 26/11 - Self Defense, Community Protection & Attitude Building

Maharashtra, India

Mumbai based "Vighnaharta Pratishthan" carried out distinctive programmes in form of workshops regarding the Self & Community Protection, on 26/11 to change the focus of the society from anger to Self Defense & Community Protection & building up positive Attitude while carrying out help & rescue. Police Trainer Shri. Anil Deshmukh guided the audience at various colleges on 26 /11 about the above said subject. He also demonstrated some weaponless self defense methods.

The response of the students at various places like at VK college at Panvel, Zunzunwala college at Ghatkopar, Chikitsak Highschool Jr. college at Girgaon was overwhelming. Over 4000 students attended these workshops. Principal Mhatre of V K college at Panvel, Principal Dr.mrs.Mukundan of Zunzunwala college at Ghatkopar (Mumbai) & Principal Mrs.Prabhu of Chikitsak Highschool, Girgaon & their respective staff members, were all full of appreciation of what "Vighnaharta Pratishthan" is doing. Dr.Mukundan traced the exact need of the society as she said,"There is no need to create panic & light up candles everywhere. Instead, the society has to be trained in Self & Community Defense. There should be volunteers with right & positive attitude who will carry out Help & rescue missions." Mrs.Prabhu of Chikitsak Highschool also had expressed similar views.

Also, Vighnaharta Pratishthan had called for mass Blood Donation drives on 26/11. Citizens & various govt. & social organisations had held Blood Donation Camps at various places in Mumbai on 26/11 2009. Along with these progrrame, Vighnaharta Pratishthan had organised a mass Vande Mataram singing at Girgaon at 9.30 pm that night, which also had overwhelming participation by common Citizens. There were no speaches. The gathered crowd payed Homage to the 26/11 martyrs. Kirti College Vice Principal Dr.Hemant Pednekar, RSS State Jt. Secretary Ravindra Pawar, Industrialist Vasantrao Bedekar were present along with local Municipal Members at this occasion. The five of the local heroes who were first to respond to the attack by organising quick help & rescue teams at various concerned hospitals that night, were falicitated with a Rose at the hands of Dr.Pedanekar at this occasion, to bring there heroics before the society. Nilesh Ahirekar, Vinayak Mulye, Parag Veerkar, Raju Pushilkar, Ramkrishna & Gaurav Tendulkar were among them.

Vighnaharta Pratishthan recongnises & appreciates the Help & Rescue Efforts by hundreds of youngsters who sponteniously took the responsibility to defend the society in a unique way on that horrible night of 26/11 2008, while various governmental machineries other than Medical Dept. were slow in their response.

Report by-

Rajesh Prabhu Salgaonkar
Editorial Co-ordinator,
"Charitrakosh" Project,
Saptahik Vivek, Mumbai

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