Thursday, December 10, 2009


With increasing influence of western countries and their way of life in India, the attitude of individuals, both young and old, seem to be undergoing enormous changes towards the basic value systems. The journals and media are increasingly contributing towards such trend without being concerned about their long term impact in the fibre and fabric of the society. The net result is that permissive life style of individuals are now threatening to disturb and upset the family culture in the country.

Almost every day, newspapers and media report about the incidents of rape and molestation of women in different parts of the country. Obviously, what is reported in the media is fraction of real happenings in the country. This indicates that women are being increasingly looked upon as objects of pleasure to satisfy the animal instincts of man.

It is no more uncommon to read about male teachers molesting the women students and fathers misbehaving with their daughters, which are freely reported in the media, as if they are matters of routine and mere sensation.

Drinking habit amongst all age groups particularly among the youth is spreading at alarming rate. The liquor business is now considered as the most profitable business and commercial activity, not only by the business houses but even by the government. It is alarming to hear that the women are increasingly taking to drinking habits particularly in the upper and elitist section of the society.

The functional marriage systems are rapidly breaking down and multiple marriages are becoming common. Homo sexuality, unnatural sex practices and men and women living together without formal marriage are being justified and publicized in the media, as if they are normal and acceptable facts of life.

Night clubs, week end mixing of boys and girls and unwed mothers are now becoming the tragedy of India.

The saddest part is that the governments, both in the centre and states appear to remain unconcerned as if such happenings are part of the development process.

While thinking people are concerned, they appear to be helpless and in minority.

On the one hand, there is huge concern about the rapid spread of AIDS and HIV disease but there is no efforts or inclination to curb the falling discipline in personal life of individuals, which spread such despicable ailments as AIDS.

Those who want to fight for restoring the importance of family concepts in the national sphere are being branded by the business oriented media as indulging in moral policing. They call it as retrograde and backward approach.

It is unfortunate that there is no realization that family tie ups , joint family system and respect for elders are the glory of Indian ethos and values, which are now sought to be broken down by commercial interests and such interests are left unchallenged.

Column by:

N S Venkantaraman

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