Saturday, January 30, 2010

Election of Geeta Prasad Yadav, a spark in Electoral Politics in India

Khagaria, Bihar

We have forgotten the Bihar Assembly Election of 2005. Five years have passed since then but today there is no talk for the election of Geeta Prasad Yadav.

Geeta Prasad Yadav was a candidate of MCP, supported by RJD in the Bihar Election of 2005 for the seat of Khagaria. Geeta Prasad Yadav lives in a hut. He does not have any agricultural land for farming. He has three sons, who are all casual labourers.

Yadav had no money for election campaigning. But P. C. Ghosh, one of his supporters, polished shoes after a public announcement to earn money for financial supports for election campaigning and also to give a message to the public. P. C. Ghosh earned about Rs. 10,000 by polishing shoes.

Geeta Prasad Yadav did not hire any four or two wheeler vehicle for election campaigning.

Election result-

Geeta Prasad Yadav received second rank, he got around 30,000 votes. Yadav was defeated by around 5,000 votes by Poonam Yadav w/o Ranvir Yadav. Ranvir Yadav bribed voters two days before voting-day, local people say that he spent more than one million Rs to bribe voters.
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