Friday, January 29, 2010

Is the State Information Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh, loosing his mind or is it ego of power and misuses of power ?

Uttar Pradesh, India

Ram Saran Awasthi, the State Information Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh rejected a very genuine appeal illegally.

Details of Case:

An application under RTI Act was filed to Public Information Officer, District Administration- Mau, Uttar Pradesh by Arvind Murti s/o Ram Murti, resident Village- Sahupur, District- Mau.

The main points of the RTI application are:

  • From 13th October 2005 to 8th October 2009
  1. How many RTI applications were received?
  2. How many RTI applications were replied within 30 days?
  3. How much revenue was received by these RTI applications?
  4. How many RTI applications were not replied to within 30 days?
  5. For how many cases did the district administration receive notices by the State Information Commission?
  6. How much expenses were made as TA & DA by officers in cases for those notices were sent by State Information Commission?
  • If section 4 of RTI Act has been published, please provide a copy of that.
  • What is your Citizen Charter?

The above points were mentioned in the RTI application by Arvind Murti s/o Ram Murti.

This RTI application was rejected by Ram Saran Awasthi, the State Information Commissioner. The Commissioner commented that the application was baseless and was made to create problems for the district administration.

The applicant, Arvind Murti, is a known RTI activist of Uttar Pradesh and has been actively participating in people’s movements for the last 3 decades. He is planning to put the whole case in front of the Governor of the State under section 17 of RTI Act.

Report by:
GRI Reporter

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