Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nange Paon condemns statements made by Adv. Prasahnt Bhooshan


After carefully reading, what Advocate Prashant Bhooshan said, we do have strong reservations to his publicly made statements, which are as under:

· Inspite of condemning “Operation Green Hunt” which is decision of our elected governments, Sri Bhooshan should conduct a plebiscite in Bastar on this issue. Realities would come before him, whether the people of that particular area want it or not? Green Hunt is decision of our elected governments not that of Vishwaranjan. Hence, holding him solely responsible and publicly warning him of his murder only due to this operation is neither fair nor justifiable. Furthermore, such a public warning is not in consonance with the dignity of Advocate Prashant Bhooshan and DGP Vishwaranjan.

· Whether Vishwaranjan is a pseudo – literary person or a real, we in Chhattisgarh know it better than Sri Bhooshan. Nange Paon Satyagrah is going to publish hindi version of “Historical Burkle Presentation” and circulate it in every nook and corner of the province. We are not going to publish that as it was presented by D.G.P., but because by such a person whose linkages with “Literature and Culture” are ancestral, though Vishwaranjan is fairly linked to “every walk of life”.

· Sri Bhooshan ruled out “murder of tribals by the naxals”. Reality is that “only poor tribals became victims of wrath of naxals. He himself admitted that he had not enough informations.

· Sri Bhooshan lashed on Chhattisgarhiya media also and criticized the later for not bringing the facts. His allegations upon media are biased.

· Sri Bhooshan “contempted judicial system” also. This is the system, where he works in. He ranked “Judiciary” as the “second most corrupt system”. To him police was the most corrupt. If “judiciary” is really corrupt, than how Sri Bhooshan is coping with the situations thereat, as a leading Lawyer.

· The Nange Paon Satyagraha, also believes in practice & principles of “Human Rights”. We have pride in mentioning that we were able to render relief to victims of fake – arrests through Honorable N.H.R.C. last year. But “every now and then condemnation of police only” not comes in ambit of “Human Rights”. Police is also an institution, which is meant to promote and protect “Human Rights” of common masses.

In fact, he made such humiliating statements in frustration. All the peace – loving people must condemn his contemptuous statement.

Article By:

Rajesh Singh Sisodia
Nange Paon Satyagrah
Pledged to remain bare – foot until human rights are totally exercised.

(GRI does not align with anyone. If GRI gets a release by Prashant Bhushan, GRI will publish that.)

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